Just reminded us of George

We watch a lot of Hope for Paws videos but this one – the little stray dog looked just like George!

May’s comment: George was picked up in the summer from the streets. He was fully grown then – maybe a year old at most. Just the thought of this little guy running around the streets on his own or in a pack – and having survived a winter is just mind-boggling to me.  How many things must have frightened him – not just trucks and cars but also to find food to survive, fighting off other street dogs and shivering in the cold.

We met Eldad, the founder of Hope for Paws a couple of years ago when he was coming through London. We have followed his work in LA. Like many of such organisations, they need us to help them.


  1. Jane Groothuis

    Love the work Eldad does at Hope for Paws in LA. The videos of his rescues always make me smile!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Glinda really is a dead ringer for George. Wish she was closed to NC so I might have a crack at being her forever home! Hope for Paws is a great organization!

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