The Kids

I can’t say I am always good with children. When I was little they used to come charging at me to pet me on the head – frightening me with their squeals of delight. So one day I got smart and decided to jump at them before they charged at me. Apparently, that was not the thing to do.

I am not often with children and don’t really understand their ways. They have agitated movements. They prance around when they’re excited and screams – which unnerves me.

But there have been several kiddies (classified as under 10!) who have featured in my life. I don’t see them often but I know who they are.

You know my best pal, Little Tyke. He’s the first kid in my life. We met when he was nine months old and I was 12 weeks. We sort of “grew up” together even thought he lives in Ko Samui and comes once a year.  At first he’s ok – both of us were on all fours and he was curious about me as I was about him. DSC02204As he grew and so did I.  The difference is that he’s no longer on all fours and he is already taller than me.  He has also become more boisterous. Sometimes I tell him off for annoying me.  But I am equally protective of him.


Two years after I met Little Tyke, I met Mini Tyke. She was only a few months old when I first met her. I don’t think she would remember me.IMG_8649But since then she has met my Impostor.  She’s a smart girl – she knows when I am not real.  The next time I see her, I wonder what she will think of me.IMG_0600

When I was in Milano, I met Victoria again. I had met her when I was only 11 months. Victoria 1Victoria is gentle and she really works hard to connect with me. She even introduced me to Barbie. I know she would love a doggy but it doesn’t sound like there are many cockapoos in Italy.IMG_4952

The Moores – Timothy, Freya and Claudia live in Washington D.C. and we very seldom meet. They come often to London so I do see them. We first met in July 2012 . IMG_3430Freya is also one of my many “godmothers” –
IMG_9296They Moores have a labradoodle called Bella whom I keep thinking I will meet someday.

This summer I met Cody and Ryan – they were visiting form Australia. Ryan could not get enough of me, They handled me vey gently and was full of hugs.IMG_9829

Then there’s Kai – he lives in Dubai and every time he comes to London we always go for walks in the park. He’s now seven but we first met when he was four. He was afraid of me at the beginning but now that he’s more grown up he plays with me. He really wants his own dog but alas! We learn the truth. More later!IMG_1667

And recently I met Benedetta – she is most terrified of me – but over the past week – I have tried to show her that she need not fear. More on this later.IMG_2065May’s comment: It is unfortunate that early on she had been frightened by little kids rushing up to her and squealing and screaming with excitement. There are no children in our household and not many kids we meet up with on a regular basis. So whenever possible, it is good for Darcy to interact with them – to get her used to their erratic and jerky movements – for her to realise that they are not meant to harm. I know too that while she is defensive when children bother her, she knows the difference between an intentional tail pulling, sitting on her or hitting her. When she’s in the bed with Sasha and he flails his arms and legs in the night – she doesn’t budge an inch and allows him to do whatever he wants when he’s asleep. I do keep a close watch whenever she’s with them – to avoid any possible accidents.

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