We’re ready for the Quarter Finals

Mummy had warned us that with every win, we too, along with the England team will go a little further – in “dressing for the occasion.”

We started off with a bandana for the last of the group matches – knowing then we’re going into the last 16.But when we reached the last 16 round and played the first match against Colombia, we needed to be more serious about our support. I dressed up for the match! (plus ribbon in my hair!)And for today’s Quarter Finals game, Mummy bought George his own football kit. Ready, George? We’re Team England!England you have a new supporter!

And we’re practising the Mexican Wave just in case things got a bit boring during the game …C’mon Georgie! You can do it, we know!!!!Wonder what we’ll be wearing when England gets to the Semi-finals!?!?!?!?

May’s comment: It’s only a game. We’ve gone further than anyone expected. It’s ok if we don’t win. Really!


Come on England!!!

P.S. George looks pretty darn cute in his new kit. The shorts are a bit too big for him – thank good ness his tail holds it up! LOL!



  1. Sam and Lola x

    With gorgeous supporters like you guys – they have to do well! ⚽️

  2. Angie Salmon

    Best looking England supporters I’ve seen! 🐶❤️

  3. Marion Hannon

    Oh George, just so gorgeous.

  4. Kathy Shoulders

    Lol! They look adorable!

  5. Christina LeDee

    Wow! George and Darcy look fantastic. I hope England gets to the semi-finals because I’m dying to see their next outfit.

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