On this last day of the decade

We were out walking early this morning in the Morsum Klift and caught the sunrise.

We stopped for a moment and Mum reminded us it’s the last day of the year as well as the last day of this decade.

Ten years ago I didn’t exist then. Not in Mum’s life nor in this world. It’s hard to think Mum was footloose and fancy free without a pooch in tow.

When I asked her where she was this day ten years ago and what was she doing. It didn’t take her long to remember and a thoughtfulness came over her face and she said, “Yes, I sure do.” She proceeded to tell us.

She had been in Watamu, Kenya volunteering at the school at Rising Sun orphanage. School was out for the holidays so she had made plans to go to the Masai Mara for the last two days of the year.

Where she once roamed happily in the sunshine.

She had a glorious time at Governor’s Camp. On the last day of safari, on an early rise she saw the last sunrise of the year at Masai Mara.

Last sun rise of 2009.

She left later that day and returned for the New Year’s celebrations at Hemingways in Watamu. She didn’t realise that her life was about to change unexpectedly the very next day. Not only was it a new year, a new decade and an altogether new chapter was about to unfold.

The course of events that ensued eventually brought her to me. Even though it took another year and a bit till I entered her life, our story would eventually happen because of what happened when crossing from the previous decade to this last one.

With all the changes, Mum needed to get her footing and when she did, she was ready for responsibility and a certain situation propelled her to get a dog. And the thought process began, the search began and the Universe brought us to each other.

And voila there’s me and George – and we became a trio in the last ten years. And this is the last sunrise of 2019 – ten years later.

Last sunrise of 2019

May’s comment: I was flipping through the extensive list of Netflix romantic Christmas movies over the Christmas holidays when I stumbled upon Holiday in the Wild – what’s not to like with Rob Lowe and “Charlotte” from Sex in the City as the main casts? It’s the usual Christmas romantic stories – boy meets girl, or man meets woman and through some unexpected circumstance, it ends up happily ever after – always the message of hope in Christmas. But its mind boggling how many stories they can conjure up around this theme! But I was particularly fond of this one because it centred around an Elephant sanctuary in Zambia.

Watching the scenes of Africa brought back a lot of memories of the end of 2009 and first half of 2010 – the year when I fell in love with Africa – flying back and forth from Kenya quite a few times in the six months of 2010.

It began when I left the corporate world and wanted to do something drastically different from the life I had only known – 25 years of the corporate world. I went to Kenya to do something completely different – to detox my corporate life and to give back in some way. I was to spend two – three months there and then returning to London to start a new chapter. But little did I know that during the time I was there, it became one of the darkest time of my life but it was also the perfect situation to deal with it – in bright sunshine and being so far away from everything I knew, the blow was a lot softer – for the meantime. There was nothing there that was associated with the life I left behind in London. At the orphanage I looked into the faces of the eager and curious children and forgot about my own “first world issues.” Over time as I got used to the heat, the constant perspiration and rubbing on insect repellant for fear of catching malaria, I began to settle into the Hakuna Matata way of life. I was free from schedules and even though I was sweating buckets from the heat and constantly felt damp from the sweat. I was tanned and my smile seemed brighter because of it. I had no time limitations, I was free and there as much to explore. The rawness of the place, a different pace of life taught me to just get on with it.

The circumstances that happened a decade ago gave me a whole different life than I had ever expected. I couldn’t have scripted it better. It got me to the point of getting a dog – and then I learnt to love like I never did before. No, it wasn’t easy giving up my footloose and fancy free life to consider the needs of a dog. I’m selfishly human but I am also human with potential to love – just that no other human has yet to bring that out of me. First Darcy did, and then George.

31st December 2017 (Cornwall)-
Sometimes when you think the world seems dark and unfathomable, know hope – it helps.

It was a decade that I could never have imagined – an unexpected one. I don’t even want to begin to wonder what the next one would bring my way. Things are least expected when we have no expectations. I only wish we will be together for a long time to come.

Wishing you a lovely day – as you get ready to usher in a new year, a new decade – and moments of reflection.


  1. Happy New Year and happy travels to you too 🙂

  2. Alison Wood

    Happy New Year to you 3 and safe travels home.
    Look forward to seeing you in 2020
    Alison, Ivy and Jet

  3. Cheryl

    What an interesting story, thank you for sharing. Africa is an amazing continent, I hope to visit some day.
    Happy New Year and continued safe travels!

  4. Gillian

    Happy New Year May ,to you and Darcy and George ,I wish you continued joy on all your travels and adventures and I’ll continue enjoying following you on your posts .in 2020xxx

  5. Sheryl Sundheimer

    I am from Detroit, Michigan area in the USA. I have a Goldendoodle and a Labradoodle. I love following your stories. You are braver travelling than l ever will be. A very Happy New Year to you all. Warmest hugs!!

  6. Jane Groothuis

    I wish you, Darcy and George a very happy, healthy new year, from LI in NY.

    Love reading your blog and vicariously enjoying all your travels.

    Jane, Mackenzie (a very handome yorkie) and Lola (adorable yorkiepoo)

  7. Valerie

    Happy New Year May, Darcy and George!

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