Life Is Better With A (Real) Dog

We’re all home – at last!  Even Impostor!IMG_1430 Bye Peter, thank you for bringing me home. I am sure I will see you again soon.  Give my love to everyone back at House of Mutt.IMG_1431 And see what awaits me! My new food order from Honey’s!!! Hooray! I ate up all of mine at House of Mutt – and it was all timed perfectly! It arrived just as Mummy got home.IMG_1425 IMG_1445 I always come home with a report card. I had a glowing report. I had a ball with other cockapoos and then after they left, I was hanging around with big dogs, including a German Shepherd, Sam.ReportI am knackered – from all that socialising at House of Mutt, from the car ride back to London – so physically and mentally I’m gone.IMG_1440 Er, yes? What do you want? I’m sleeping, can’t you see?IMG_1442May’s comment: Happiness all around!IMG_1450

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Glad to see you both back together. I’m sure MissDarcy is smiling! X

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