Like old times

There was a time when Mister Charles came to play and stayed. We loved having him. Today we had the pleasure of his company. It’s like old times.

George greeted him with waggy tail – See he isn’t always mean. They even slept on the daybed together. While I played police whenever Charlie left the room.He was curious and when he heard a bark, he looked out the window.He sure hasn’t forgotten how to jump and sit on Mummy’s lap.We’ve missed Mister Charles.

When we went out for a walk, we picked up Jaffa along the way. She makes up our “Gang of Four”.Though we were a handful,rather, we were a tangled bunch, Mummy loved the challenge. I think she rather liked having us altogether again.

Along the way home, we dropped off Jaffa.And by day’s end, Charlie went home … and it was just us two again.At least we have each other.

May’s comment: It is definitely Autumn. The streets near us are crowded again with the kids starting another school year and the doggies are back for playdates.

And they’ve all had a full groom – for a fresh term! Sometimes we’re not sure which is better. During the winter their feet get all wet and even worse, muddy fields. When they’re out playing in the summer, they come home with burs and their paws are sticky.

As I was walking them – getting all tangled up, I was stopped by ever so many people who asked me what breed they are. Someone came and asked me if I could recommend a breeder – that’s the dog they want! And another said, “They are more manicured than me!” We delighted children and we made people smile. I was at first worried walking them home from grooming along busy Kings Road. But in the end, we were a happy sight for a lot of people. 🙂



  1. Alex

    so nice to see Charlie again – he is so cute

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    Lovely to see Charlie again, he’s such a delight the way he greets his daddy.

  3. Hannah

    I actually saw you guys walking along the kings road yesterday! So cute in your pack 🙂

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