Lockdown Goals

It’s a week since London went into lockdown.

We heard today that the authorities anticipate that this will last a lot longer than three weeks – possibly at least three months. Even longer.

So Mum sat us down and told us that instead of waiting for the days to past, we must make the most of them.

During the lockdown, we won’t be able to go out for long walks, to play with friends at doggy day care, nor will there be trips to any of the many dog-friendly places in London. And we’re definitely not travelling anywhere outside of the city any time soon – not even further than our neighbourhood.

Guess we can walk around the courtyard.

Mum said we will still do our three walks each day, but in between we must do a little more to stimulate our minds. When we’re at home, she lets us have our puzzles to play with each day. We just love the treats in them.

She makes us practice the tricks we already know, rather it is just me. George has a long way to go.

The Infinity routine

But she wants us to use this time to learn a few more to add to our repertoire. As long as there are treats involved, we’re game.

Mum has her own goals too.

May’s comment: We’re in this for the long run, and it would be a good idea to organise ourselves for a restricted lifestyle. As long as we’re healthy we should make use this surreal gift of time.

Confined to spending time at home, I thought about all the things I have always wanted to do but never had the time.

It has been quite a few years since I last exercised – with all sorts of reasons. But now there aren’t any more excuses not to change that status quo. It was time to take out those bright pink Nike trainers shoes that I had personalised (Darcy & Georg) three years ago.

Still brand new!

Time to put them on to power walk but NOT to sprint or run a marathon. We don’t need to injure ourselves during these times. So the plan is to begin slowly, doing ‘granny runs’ around the local communal park, but aim to increase the distance with each passing week. Hopefully, by the end of the lockdown, I might be back to running comfortably again. Or just fitter.

And there’s that camera that sits in a lovely red leather case that I don’t know how to use!

I had taken it on all our travels and got frustrated that I didn’t know how to use it. Now is the time to take it out and practice photography with it.

Last but not least, WRITE! Last year was so busy that I never wrote a word. But now, with time on my side, maybe it will get done. It has long been in the works.

It’s a realistic list. It’s not running a marathon but to get fitter. I don’t want the camera to go to waste and also to take better photos of my dogs.

Oh, of course, besides these achievable goals, there’s always the list of things to do – declutter, declutter, declutter! By the end of this, I hope to not have any more “some day” and “maybe” things stuffed into drawers, under the bed or filed away. And large bags to take to charity shops.

By setting goals for ourselves, it gives us a focus instead of being led by the course of events in the daily news that we have no control over. And importantly, we want to be able to look back and say we have made the most of this time.

What are your goals?


  1. Cheryl

    Oh May, I may your goals, good luck!
    I should be cleaning and organizing, alas, laziness has taken over. I need to shake it off and at least get out and walk.
    Snuggle those pups!
    Stay well!

  2. Jill Keiser

    May, you are the most organized person I know — for your dogs and for yourself! I know you will use this time wisely. I just don’t know about myself!


    I’m still doing my 9-5 job from home. As I run the procurement dept, it is my job to ensure the supply chain to production doesn’t dry up so by the time I’ve finished I have no energy left for anything else lol. I did get my yoga mat out but Maggiedog put paid to that by dropping her ball on my constantly. ?❤️

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