London Calling

With one last look at the fields outside where I had run freely the last ten days, Mairi and I set off on our journey to London.IMG_0178Through crowded trains and tubes, and thousands of hurried feet, I journeyed back to my city.

South Kensington, I hear them say – that’s us!  Hurried off tube and meandered through the tunnels, up the stairs and more tunnels. IMG_7256Then the scary moving stairs where Mairi had to carry me – not only because I am afraid of them but it is required that dogs have to be carried. Then more tunnels – a complete maze.

We finally reached the turnstiles – there were hundreds and hundreds of people going through them and we had to wait our turn.

Mairi was checking out the trains when I turned and saw a face in the crowd that I know. IMG_5057I pulled excitedly to let Mairi know  … IMG_5058it’s MUMMY!!!!IMG_5059Hi! Hi! Hi! IMG_5061I was so excited – I clambered onto her …
IMG_5062 Hugs and kisses this timeIMG_5064Big smile!
IMG_5063We said goodbye to Mairi IMG_5073– thank you, Mairi for a lovely time. We will see you again soon, we hope!

Up the stairs we went – IMG_5074and hello London! – busy streets full of impatient drivers, cyclists that whizz by too fast, naughty white vans that don’t give a hoot and huge buses that gets in the way and lots of traffic lights to stop and wait at.IMG_5075I think we’re definitely in London.IMG_5077It says so everywhere.

We took the bus home. On the way, Mummy told me though that I am not staying home – not just yet. IMG_5082A few more days, she said. She wanted to be totally alright before she can take care of us both. I’m a little sad but this is for the best.

I was eager to get through the door.  Is Georgie home?IMG_5090No, he wasn’t. It was just Mummy and me – for a few hours.

Slowly, slowly, we ease ourselves back to our lives.  And then the door bell rang! Hooray!!!IMG_5100

May’s comment:  Well, it wasn’t so difficult to let her go – she was so excited to see Annie and left in such a hurry!!!! IMG_5095Two weeks, I was told – take it easy and rest.  So grateful for Annie and Andrew to take her for the next few days where she will continue to be spoiled and have the opportunity to run and play with Stanley.  And Darcy did not hold back her excitement.

Through my ordeal and unexpected prolonged episode, I have realised a few things. Firstly, I am blessed to be surrounded by caring and helpful friends and neighbours who have offered to help out – that I must let them know if I should need anything. Though it might have been comforting to have someone there the first day/night, I am quite capable of taking care of myself.  But it’s the little chores that I needed help with – groceries in particular, the odd urgent matter, and the dogs – especially the dogs.

It’s awkward asking for help, but I was left with no choice this time. People have busy lives so when they extend their hand, they (usually) mean it. And I have had the pleasure of seeing how pleased these friends and neighbours were when I did ask them to help me out in some small way.  Something to keep in mind and to be grateful for.



  1. Alex

    So glad you’re on the mend. Darcy looks so happy 🙂 🙂 we were at south Ken tube about half an hour ago – we are definitely going to run into each other soon!

  2. margaret danks

    Look how happy MissD is to see you May! Her tail is a blur. You will soon be fighting fit and back to normal.

  3. Laura Cordovano

    D’Arcy was so excited to see you. Just her smile when she got off in Kensington in anticipation was heartwarming. It was like a big piece of her was missing and she got it back. The relief and love on her face is undeniable. She loves you with her very being. So happy you are on the mend. This has been a dreadful experience on many levels but clearly there were many silver linings. You will be back to normal soon enough. So happy you are almost there. xo

  4. Rita and Gracie (springador)

    We’re really pleased that you’re doing well, not too much longer now before you’re all back together again and back to “normal”stuff. …and what a Christmas you will have this year….after thanksgiving of much celebrating to be done!!! Xx

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