George, are we ok?

Well, George wasn’t happy to see us.

When Andrew dropped him off, George saw Mummy and it took him a second to realise it was Mummy and he instinctively ran towards her, did his circling and then he seemed to realise what it meant.  He ran back to Stanley.  Uh-oh.

He was was torn about leaving Stanley – who had been his best mate the past week while we were away. Stanley took care of George. He taught George how to drink from the pool. They went for walks everyday twice a day. They played in the garden, they played at home. They both slept on the bed with Annie and Andrew but they both had to touch each other. When George moved, Stanley would look to see where he had gone and then go to where George moved to.  They were inseparable. George made Stanley play and Stanley shared his toys with George. He would bring a toy to bed with him when he usually doesn’t. He knew George likes to play with a toy before bedtime. There was some bromance going on there.

He was quiet for the rest of the day until bedtime when he got back into his routine of playing – with MY teddy.He awoke this morning, looked out the window and realised there was no Stanley.  He went back to sleep.

Mummy knew what she needed to do to get his attention.


It was just Mummy’s trick to get him up. Then he came back up on the bed for cuddles –

It was some time for cuddles – Georgie time.

I think we’re back to normal. Phew!

May’s comment: In the early days whenever I left Darcy at The House of Mutt, she would come home excited to see me and then would go into a sulk for the rest of the day. Was it sulking or was she tired from the car journey.

Think it will be Georgie time this coming week. Next trip – we’re all going together because it is only a train journey to Dorset. We will manage. We will have fun together.

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  1. Margaret Danks

    Ooooh I could just snuggle him all day. His little overbite is adorable. 🐾❤️ Where are you going to in Dorset May?

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