Cocktails, Hebe?

What will you have?

We checked out another dog-friendly place in Chelsea. It’s called Margaux. We were there early and waiting for Hebe and her mummy, Jane to join us. Hebe saw me sitting on the banquette and she thought she would do the same.The reason I was sitting up there was so I could check out what Mummy ordered …  She disappoints me with her choices these days. Yellowfin carpaccio?!?!?! What on earth?

All too soon, Hebe was getting bored. After awhile I was bored too, so I went to speak to the bar tender – first to check out what’s behind the counter And then asked him if he could entertain Hebe and I –We would like a drink, please.

Mummy said to mention that the only reason I was wandering around in the restaurant was because there was no one else there. Mummy and Jane were yakking away till way past lunch and the restaurant was cleared of other guests. And only because the waiter didn’t mind.

May’s comment: Happy to have found another dog friendly restaurant in Chelsea!  Margaux is a French restaurant infused with Mediterranean flavoursA laid-back room of earthy, exposed brick walls, Margaux is at 152 Old Brompton Rd, Kensington, London SW5 0BE

Margaux has been added to our Wine & Dine Page under the European Cafes/Brasserie/Diners & Bars section!

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