Celebrating belated everything!

A tarte tatin is non-denominational – so it was a good thing to have for a belated Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s dinner with Mummy’s friend!

We had missed celebrating all the recent holidays with Sammy, so when he came to town, we went to dinner at Medlar.  We had only just the day before found out that they allow dogs in.

They’re a little posh – white table cloths and according to Mummy, really excellent food.IMG_0776We were both under the table peeping up throughout dinner. IMG_0760But as dinner came to an end, when the crowning glory arrived, it was time for me to sit on the banquette.  I looked at the tarte tatin with great expectationsIMG_0768 But I wasn’t allowed any.  Mummy lets me sit with her because I know how to behave myself. If it was George, he would have stolen the entire serving on the plate – we’ve seen him do so!IMG_0769That’s why we only allowed him up after the food was all gone.  IMG_0771 Sammy and Georgie were having a staring game. IMG_0773He couldn’t resist Georgie’s cute little wet nose!

May’s comment:  Medlar is modern French with global influences.  The staff were very dog-welcoming. We were told that they started off being dog-friendly but a few of their clients had complained and they regretfully had to limit the presence of dogs. We are welcome at lunch time and on quieter evenings.IMG_0781

 Medlar Restaurant is at 438 King’s Rd, London SW10 0LJ

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