Meeting friends from Sverige

Sometimes you have to travel far to see a friend.

This time to Stockholm – to meet some cockapoos of Sverige!

When we said we would come, Maud and Madelene arranged a cockapoo meet on Saturday on a golf course.

And then we saw them! And we all started to run and chase!

And I got told off for rubbing my face first in the snow and then the sand! Mum got annoyed – LOL!!!!! She was shouting at me! LOL!

Madelene introduced us to the Swedish poos and their hoomans.

As the hoomans walked, we ran through the Golf Course

So happy!
What can be better than doing a doodle dash with Tage in Stockholm!
Sporting my very bright orange Equafleece!
I was chasing Honey and Happy!
Kingston stopping to confer with his dad.
Mimer was a little nervous with the big dogs
Little Nelson is just a puppy but he has a big personality

And time for a group photo!

Top row: Nelson, Mimer, Happy
Bottom row: Tage. Doris, Kingston, Darcy, Honey, Manne, Jackie, Greta

After the walk we met at the Clubhouse for something to eat – how civilised!

Mum was thinking – how we can do this back in London?
Getting to know Greta and Jackie
Sweet Mimer
Little Nelson!
Pretty Greta
And Tage jumped into the lake and had a cold swim!!!!
It’s the same all over the world! Eventually the dogs end up on the laps!
L-R: Tage, Greta, Jackie, Darcy and Mimer

May’s comment: Thank you for coming to meet us and for such a warm welcome. We were so excited to meet Cockapoos of Sweden! We hope you will all come on a road trip to London. The Hyde Park Meet would love to have you all visit!

Back row: Nelson, Mimer, Tage
Front row: Honey, Darcy, Greta, Happy, Doris, Kingston, Jackie


  1. Jill Keiser

    Tage looks like a schnoodle I had back in the nineties. His name was Scruffy.

  2. Maureen Dell

    So lovely seeing your meet-up. That’s how great memories are made. Is Darcy speaking Swedish yet? ? Enjoy every minute. X

    • Miss Darcy

      He was barking at Honey and Happy – urging them to play like she does with George. She sees them as her friends. 🙂

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