Missing Paws but Loving Life

This is Jindol. He’s a happy fella despite a very sad start in life.

Jindol’s a rescue from South Korea. He was found abandoned on the streets in a terrible condition. He was starving and his two back paws had been cut off.

Skinny and scared – soon after he was first rescued form the streets of South Korea.

Some kind hooman found him and took Jindol to a rescue centre in Seoul where they nursed him back to health.

They didn’t have much hope for Jindol. They thought his disability was too much for anyone to take on.

But Rafi in the UK read Jindol’s story on the shelter’s website and this hooman instantly fell in love with him.

This was the photo on the shelter’s website that stole his mum’s heart.

She couldn’t bear the thought of him living out his life in pain, in a shelter and never having a home. She asked to adopt him.

Finally after the seven long months that took Rafi to complete the adoption and quarantine process, Jindol now lives in London.

The start of Jindol’s journey from his shelter in South Korea to his new life in London.

It’s been more than. year since he came to live in London. He has blossomed into an adorable, affectionate dog …

With an incredible zest for life.

But his two missing paws are a constant reminder of his past.

Today he gets about with his two paws bandaged and he wears little boots.

Because they easily get infected, Rafi has to change his badges every day and puts on new “feet”

He patiently waits to have them bandaged.

And even though he gets around a lot easier, his back is taking the strain.

Obviously not good for playing in water. LOL!

He has come a long way and today he is also now an epilepsy support animal because Rani suffers from Epilepsy and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and struggles with the ups and downs of life with seizures and chronic pain. Jindol’s courage and companionship is a daily comfort and inspiration to Rafi as he never lets his pain get him down!

Jindol’s first time at the beach.

Jindol lives every day with courage in spite of his sad past and never lets his painful disability stop him standing up and walking tall!

He sure went through a lot of “feet” in 2018.

Rafi is fundraising to get Jindol back up on all four paws with a new pair of prosthetic legs and some incredible veterinary expertise. They’ve got a big target to hit but after such a sad start in life he deserves a chance to live a better pain-free life.

May’s comment: Please help Jindol live a pain-free life with prosthetic legs by donating to their fund raising page on Go Fund Me – https://www.gofundme.com/rescue-dog-jindol-needs-new-legs

This way he never have to worry about which pair of shoes he’ll have to wear.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Rafi was an angel 👼 to adopt Jindol! Thank God she has such a large heart and is taking such good care of him!

  2. Cheryl

    Thank you Ravi! Bless you for rescuing Jndol and giving him a loving forever home! 🐾❤️🐾

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