Missing trains and other mishaps

Just when Mum was super proud of herself for having managed all these long and convoluted journeys …

We’ve managed to miss a train and got off at the wrong station all in one day! LOL!

We had arrived at the local train station in Morsum – thinking it was clever rather than going all the way to Westerland. We made it in good time but the train was already five minutes late. There was no specification on the platform where the First Class carriage was – and there was only one. So we stood in the middle of the platform as the train pulled in.

George looking out for the train.

And when we saw that the First Class carriage was at the very end, we ran towards it. Yes, it did cross Mum’s mind that we should jump into any of the carriages and then make our way through the train but the thought of walking through a crowded train and crossing the carriages with a roller bag, back pack, two excited dogs made Mum run faster to get to the First Class carriage. A passenger had just stepped off the carriage and the door closed behind her when we arrived at the door. And it went ding-ding-ding meant it was shut closed. We pressed the button and it wouldn’t open.


The next train was in an hour – but that meant we would also miss our connection at Hamburg Altona. Never mind. Thankfully this was our journey home and we have a few days in Dusseldorf so there was no hurry. But it was the coldest day so far and we had to sit on the platform for an hour watching other trains go by.

The nest time we knew better and situated ourselves exactly where the First Class carriage was. The dogs don’t stay open for long either – just one minute!!!!

We got on and finally on our way to Hamburg. And we’ll sort out the connecting trains when we’re there.

Goodbye Sylt!

It was a relatively short ride in comparison – just three hours to Hamburg.

George was in his tote bag on the table when a gentleman walked past and asked about him.

Is he a Bolonka?

No, he’s a mutt!

He looks so much like my dog!

He walked away but soon came back with his Bolonka!

Sure enough! He does look like George!

Hello Double!

Wasn’t that lovely?

We arrived in Hamburg and went to the Reisezentrum to find out about the next connection from Hamburg to Dusseldorf. We had two possibilities and we chose the latter because that meant we will arrive in Dusseldorf the same time as Mum’s godson, Edgar who was travelling from Kitzbuhl.

And what does Mum have for an early supper?

Big Mac and fries!

And we comfortably got on the train and snoozed all the way to Dusseldorf.

All was fine and we had passed Essen so Mum knew Dusseldorf is probably the next stop. We were already running a bit late. The muffled extended announcement came on and announced all the connecting platforms to various destinations and then it said in English – Thank you for using Deutsche Bahn – and nothing more. Mum understands probably half of what was announced but it was a muffled. The train pulled into the station and we eagerly got off. Something didn’t look familiar but because we were late, we ran down to meet Edgar.

Something wasn’t right. We had taken a train from Platform 17 when we left for Westerland but there was no platforms higher than 10. Edgar called – Where are you? Are you sure you’re in Dusseldorf?

Panic! There were no signs in the main station as to where we were. Mum got hold of someone and asked – Where are we? Must have seemed like a strange question to the person we asked. LOL!



It did seem strange to Mum that she saw that there were trains to Dusseldorf when we were running down the stairs from the platform. It never occurred to her that we were not there. And Duisburg sounded like Dusseldorf over the muffled announcement.

We ran to the next platform and jumped onto the train. Finally we arrived and went looking for Edgar whenGeorge in his excitement at having arrived in Dusseldorf started yapping. And Edgar heard us and found us! LOL!!!! Thanks George!

We finally arrived at where we will lay down and rest for a few days – maybe for almost a week because we couldn’t get Abdul to pick us up before then – Folkestone Taxi is fully booked for crossing the Eurotunnel and we had changed our plans to leave from Brussels instead of Paris. It didn’t bother us as we were “at home” in Dusseldorf.

And we had some time with Edgar – which was an unexpected treat.

So Mum is brave and she takes us on crazy, convoluted train journeys and for 99% we have made it to every destination without hassle, even changing itineraries at the last minute. On the simplest of familiar journeys, we have managed to miss a train while we were standing on the platform and we managed to get off at the wrong station for a place we know so well.

Over to you, Mum – you can explain yourself.

May’s comment: Have to say, I felt pretty stupid both times. But it was a good reminder that one must stay completely aware at all times when travelling alone. So while I don’t mind at all travelling alone, it is sometimes easier if you have a travelling companion other than the dogs.

But good to stay still for a few days before heading home.


  1. Julie mcevilly

    I really admire your determination and organisation to travel with Darcy & George plus luggage, so it didn’t go quite to plan today but it’s all part of the adventure! Safe travelling to you all xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Someone said to me – missing trains makes more of a memory than everything going smoothly. ?

  2. Cheryl

    I’m so glad you river in Dusseldorf safely, if not quite when planned. Enjoy your stay and visit with Edgar, and as always continued safe travels!

  3. Valerie

    May…I chuckled to myself when you wrote, ..”it’s sometimes easier when you have a traveling partner other than the dogs..”. I thought to myself, if the announcement was muffled as you say, I would have said to my companion, “did you understand what was said.” did you hear what town we are coming upon? And my companion would have said, No, I didn’t. Did you?” Sounds like you all did fine. I am glad you all are safe and secure for the next several days!

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