Moonlight, Snowfall and Ed

We’ve had a lovely stay at Soho Farmhouse, albeit too short – doing things we don’t normally get to do in London.

Walking along moonlit paths in the quiet of the countryside.

Stopping to look at the moon and the stars

This morning we woke up to the first snow of this winter,

We couldn’t wait to get outside, well, at least I couldn’t.

Mum had just built a fire.

On went the Equafleece …

The sun’s out so the frost will soon go but not before
I had a good run and doing my favourite thing – rubbing my face in the cold.
There was a dusting of snow everywhere (note: only still close-up life photos)

As we walked back to our cabin, the sun was still low.

And our shadows were long.

We arrived back at our cabin –

The milkman had come!
Isn’t that nice?

We just wanted to enjoy being in our cabin for the last few hours before having lunch with Edgar.

We don’t get to see him much when in London, so this was another treat.

Mum and Edgar had lunch at the Main Bar but I wasn’t allowed inside. I had to wait in the foyer of the restaurant. :(. I could see Mum sitting at the table closest to the door and was a little confused. I could see those chips going straight into her mouth – I normally get at least two chips. Hoomans going in and out stopped to pet me but I paid no attention to them. My eyes were fixed on Mum. So confused.

But soon after they finished lunch, we took a walk. This is also Edgar’s first time here so we showed him what we had already seen.

The outdoor pool by the lake.
We walked along the river to see the other cabins.
PLEASE DON’T … I am not going to tell you what I am not supposed to do!
It was a perfect little getaway.

May’s comment: Magical moonlit walks, sparkling frosted grounds and seeing one of my favourite people – such a lovely place to hideout for a day. Guests are encouraged to dress relaxed – no bling, no stilettos, no skimpies – after all, we are in a farm, albeit a very tidy and clean one. Just right for us city folks who love the idea of being out in the countryside but without the mud!

A wall of useful things!
Check out the “ice bucket” the old fashioned box of board games, the picnic basket and blanket …
Bicycles outside each cabin
Just me and one of my dogs


  1. Sam and Lola

    Looks beautiful, and Darcy – you look like you were having a great time and were a very happy dog 🙂 xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, I could have run all day! Mum said I have a bounce in my steps when I was running there.

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