Mr. Snuggles

This used to be my place on the bed. But these days Georgie takes prime position. C’est la vie!

He’s become Mr. Snuggles … not certain of the ulterior motive, but he gives Mummy much pleasure.

May’s comment: Especially in this warmer weather, Darcy has taken to sleeping on the floor a lot more. She has also been less territorial with her spaces.  In the mornings, just before I stir, little George has taken to sleeping next to my head.IMG_9892 As he starts to wake up …IMG_9886 A big yawn …IMG_9885 He then looks at me to check if I am awakeIMG_9888 Look a little closer for fluttering eye lidsIMG_9891 And then snuggleIMG_9880 back for some shut-eye
IMG_9879Georgie has turned out to be more of a snuggler than Darcy.  She likes to sleep next to me when we retire for the night. Soon she works her way around and when morning comes, she jumps off and curls up on the floor next to the bed.  IMG_9914But of course one can also question George’s intention and my interpretation. Truth be told, he was just wanting to be sure I wake up to give them breakfast.

Regardless, it’s still a snuggle.  No complains. 🙂


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  1. margaret danks

    There’s nothing nicer than morning snuggles. Jump up MissD!

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