Mulan of Ko Samui

Mummy was super happy today to meet Mulan again. She had met her in a previous trip.

She belongs to Khun Nok – who works for Little Tyke’s family. P1020250It’s not all the time that Mulan comes to stay with Khun Nok, so this was a special treat.

Mulan is five years old and is a cross between a poodle and a Shitzu. So she’s a poo type dog!!!! And Mummy can’t get herself to call her a “Shit-poo”

Well, I didn’t get to meet her but Impostor did!P1020256_2And she gave Impostor a kiss.
P1020253_2May’s comment: Mulan is the cutest dog on Ko Samui!  And yes, I would take her home if I could.P1020262

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  1. Sylvia

    This is hysterical! The impostor is pretty real but could never take your place Ms Darcy!

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