Mummy needed to do my laundry

I’ve been subjected to a hooman habit – wearing clothes! Why?

Because I couldn’t stop myself from licking the three stitches on my back where there was once a big wart!

Mummy put to use the numerous polo shirts that I have … this is Mummy’s favourite – a striped Ralph Lauren rugby shirtA royal blue polo shirtI even wore my tennis white polo in this weather!And when we went out and it was cold, I changed into my Mungo & Maud wool jumper Or my rather smart navy turtle neck jumper.But they are both for the outdoors.

If it was raining, I wore a jacket over the polo shirt to keep the shirt from getting wet.But one day when I went walking with Jaffa, and Camilla couldn’t find my Equafleece.  She put me in Darcy’s size 22!!!“It was probably better,” she said, “since I had my t-shirt underneath.”  No, Camilla, you’re suppose to take off the polo shirt and put on the Equafleece!  I looked ridiculous!

Back home, Mummy soon realised there was no way I was allowed in bed with the shirt I had been wearing all day walking along the roads and in the park – I had to change into my PJs.

It’s actually a plaid shirt that was a hand-me-down from Darcy. And the other one is also a plaid shirt that’s a tad snug for running.But that’s fine – it fits for when I go to bed,hugging Darcy’s precious Teddy. 😉

May’s comment: When he started licking his wound, I had to put something over him – and it wasn’t going to be a cone!  All those polo shirts came in very handy! Thin enough for him to wear around the house and to put a jacket over it when it was raining outside.  But we didn’t have that many so I found myself having to do his laundry – as they became filthy from being worn all day.

On colder days, he switched over to jumpers but changed back into polo shirts when he got home. Quite cute seeing him in all those shirts – he looked quite human!

I also had not realised how many pieces of clothing he has! There are also the quilted coats, the yellow raincoat and the Equafleeces in four colours! LOL!  Once upon a time I used to think it was ridiculous to dress dogs.  In these  circumstances, I am so glad for these shirts – when I took it off after a day, I found him licking his stitches.  And for my sanity, his coats does help a great deal when we are out walking in the rain or after a rainy day when his underbelly would have been covered in grit. And he does get cold. People have said to me – he has a natural coat, he’s a dog. But they haven’t seen him shivering in the cold.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    My goodness George you have more clothes than I do!?

  2. Lisa King

    George, you are so handsome!

  3. Lucy Cronin

    Love George & his wardrobe!!

  4. Alison Mullett

    Hope George’s wound heals soon but I have to say he “wears it well”; too cute in those checked shirts!

  5. April Smart

    I expect the stitches were itching. He looks lovely in the shirts though.
    My Molly is so obsessed with swimming that I’ve given up trying to keep her dry on walks. She can sniff out a smelly ditch or pool from miles away!

  6. Margaret Danks

    You are a little dude George. I make Maggiedog wear a coat in the winter because she only has a very thin coat, and only one layer bless her. ?❤️

  7. Sian

    So cute!!

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