My Favourite Things

Raindrops on roses

And whiskers on kittens (not sure about that!) …

Cream-coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels

Doorbells and sleigh bells

And schnitzel with noodles

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favourite things.

Mum agrees with all the above and she would add to the list –

Christmas in Salzburg

Being together at Christmas.

Mum was trying to be cool but she couldn’t help herself but wanted to see some of the film location for the Sound of Music.  She asked Ulrike about the tour and when she was told it was four hours – that was a deterrent.  Besides I don’t think we would have been allowed on the Panorama Tour so we opted for the ones in Salzburg or close by.

We could walk to the Mirabell Gardens and the Pegasus Fountain where Maria taught the children DO-RE-MI.

You can see the Pegasus Fountain in the movie.  

It is better to visit the gardens in the summer as right now, not much is in bloom here.

Also in the city the Nonnberg Abbey which is still an active women’s convent – and no visitors are allowed inside the walls.  We took a walk up the hillside …

Well, we could walk inside the outer wall but not into the convent itself.

So this is where the real Maria spent some time here.

We took a short drive out to Schloss Leopoldskron. We didn’t go into the gardens but took a photograph of the palace – where you can see the backyard and palace gardens for the lemonade scene and the boat capsizing on the lake.

Wearing my Edelweiss scarf

Hans Peter, our driver took us for a run along the lake – the first time we’ve been able to run since we began our journey.

The “16 going on 17” gazebo used to be in the Palace gardens but they moved it to Schloss Hellbrunn – to avoid the crowds entering Leopoldskron Palace.  

Waiting for Rolf …

Unfortunately it was locked and we couldn’t go inside. Mum wanted to do a Liesel and Rolf dancing routine with me – practising my agility! LOL! But we learn that the actual dancing was done at a reconstructed gazebo at 20th Century Fox.

There’s a Christmas Market at Schloss Hellbrun – the façade of the palace was made into an Advent Calendar.  

The Christmas Market had such a lovely feel about it –

we loved the big red baubles on all the trees!

On the way back to Salzburg, we passed Schloss Frohnburgh, a 17th century country house – they used the façade as the Von Trapp  family home.  We couldn’t stop to take a photo.

It is today the Mozarteum Music Academy.

So the von Trapp family home on the movie was actually made up of two houses. Come to think of it …

We didn’t go far enough to the “hills” nor the Wedding Chapel in Mondsee. Wonder how Maria ran all the way to the hills and back – no wonder she was out of breath!

Well, that helped make Mum’s Christmas in Salzburg. 🙂

The lyrics of the song go on to say – 

When the dog bites, when the bee stings

Why are we getting a bed rep here?!?!?!

And ahem, in the spirit of Sound of Music, dressed us up – me as Liesel

A very furry Liesel

and George as Kurt – the cheeky one!

Merry Christmas to you too, Mum. Glad you got to relive some of the Sound of Music moments but no singing, please!

May’s comment:  When in Salzburg, one can’t avoid thinking about the Sound of Music! Thirty years ago was the first time and last time I was here, with little Rebekah. We went on the Sound of Music tour. Rebekah was around ten and she rolled her eyes as we sang along on the four-hour bus tour. And when we visited the church and I suggested we walked down the aisle where Maria married the Captain, she said, and I have not forgotten, “You wish!” Brat!

More than 30 years later, I returned with my two pooches who do not make smart remarks but it also meant we couldn’t go on the four-hour bus tour. Actually I didn’t bother to ask as I am sure what the answer is. 

I am sure all the concierges at the hotels in Salzburg get asked the question – Where do we see Sound of Music film locations? LOL! And of course most of the locals have never seen it and especially the younger generation. But it was otherwise a worldwide phenomenon for my generation at least.

Sound of Music was so much a part of my childhood in Malaysia. It was a movie that we enjoyed as a family . We even saw it twice at the cinemas – which is unheard of. We even had the LP, we learnt all the words of the songs and  we would sing together as a family.  Safe to say we all enjoyed the movie from Grandma to little sis. 

So in a way, it holds a special memory and though it has nothing to do with Christmas, it was something that brought us altogether – like Christmas seem to suggest.

Glad I came back. Glad to see it all again – and recall memories of more innocent days. 

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself! Just had to do it. LOL!

George looks dashing! Darcy looking cross!!! LOL!


  1. Cheryl

    What a beautiful place to spend Christmas! Thank you for the wonderful photos, and commentary. Darcy and George look so cute, even if Darcy isn’t happy!
    Continued safe travels.
    Merry Christmas!


    Wonderful photos May, Darcy looks very sweet as Leisel, and George’s outfit looks very smart and really suits him. The Sound of Music is my favourite film, I have seen it so many times, I doubt there will ever be a film that could possibly be an equal. I also went to see a ‘sing along’ version at The Theatre Royal in Nottingham, 40 or more years after we had first seen the film. My friend and myself went as nuns, people also went as Maria, Captain Von Trapp, even slices of bread and butter, tea bags etc. We laughed so much, we had a compere who told us where we could participate, the first bit was when Maria ran up the mountain, and when she got to the top and turned around we had to shout….’sing Julie sing’, yes, of course she did. Julie Andrews is one of my Favourite People, I saw her in the mid 1970’s in London, such a treat. I will watch The Sound of Music again on New Year’s Day on B.B.C. 1.

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