Changing with the times

The “self-isolation” or “quarantine” or “lockdown” – whatever you call it had made Mum think about about our living situation.

We live in a one bedroom flat in the middle of London. During this confinement period, Mum had found it hardest not to have outdoor space, especially with us.

For years she had been talking about moving to the countryside but in reality, she knows that it isn’t so easy for a city girl – and especially when you are on your own. Besides, she doesn’t like driving and she doesn’t understand how people can get around without obvious road signs or landmarks at every corner. Yes, she realises there’s GPS these days but those narrow country lanes are harrowing!!! She would probably close her eyes and expect a truck to plough right past her, taking half the car with it. LOL!

She had discussed this long and hard with Jane why lives in Dorset. I think Jane has been helping to sell her the idea. So when she heard that the cottage at the end of their fields came on the market, she alerted Mum. They knew the owners and inquired … and then told Mum about it.

It was a good option for many reasons.

First and foremost, we will have neighbours we know and who will be able to help out in Mum’s transition.

George can continue his bromance with Christoph. And he will have Blaze to play with and not bother me.

And the price was right which allows Mum to also keep the city flat. So it’s not the end of city life completely. Maybe we can still come up to London for our Hyde Park Meets.

Mum was really torn, and scared at the prospect. But I think COVID-19 helped to sway her. She’s been telling everyone how much she miss having a garden. So all of last week she was hoping we should have been in the countryside.

It will be a massive change in so many aspects.

It’s a much bigger house than she had wanted – especially since she decided to downsize last year, but it comes with a lot of possibilities and positives.

We’ve been visiting Dorset so often the last couple of years and we’ve enjoyed visiting all the villages in the area. It’s a beautiful part of the country. And the southern coast beaches are accessible.

There’s a lot that needs doing so it is not an immediate move though we sure wish we can be there right now. Mum is excited to make this our home. She has all sorts of ideas to make this into a cosy cottage – yup! She is debating if she should make it modern or go Ralph Lauren. A project in the countryside. Her mind is racing with excitement.

And there’ll be room for guests.

The garden leads onto Jane and Christoph’s fields and garden.

Christoph suggested that they will need to put chicken wire along the entire edge of the fence surrounding the field so we never have to worry about George escaping. We do worry about the pond though – George’s life goal to get to the island in the middle of the pond.

And now that we know he can swim, we may have to build a fence around the pond which is a shame.

We will still go for walks but what luxury for Mum – we can just wander outside for a pee and poo on our own.

And when Mum has to travel, it would be so easy for her to leave George, or the both of us with Jane and Christoph. So it all makes sense moving forward.

May’s comment: And did you know that today is the 1st of April?

April fool!!!

Did you get fooled? Be honest!

Thank you Jane, for playing along. LOL! Well, maybe not so much playing along …


  1. Jane

    I did! ;-)p

  2. Hi May, Did you make all that up for April Fools Day? I thought it was a great idea and Kingston and I were super excited for you. Xx

  3. Alex

    Tricked me !

  4. Jan

    Yes completely
    Thought you moving to our part of the world we could meet up.

  5. Cheryl Houlton

    I was just thinking this sounds like a dream lifestyle!! Keep safe x

  6. Gill

    Definitely had me fooled ,I does sound perfect .
    Be safe ,the three of you .X?

  7. Maureen Dell

    Oh yes, I believed you! Look after each other! ♥️

  8. Jill Keiser

    Had me fooled. Know how much you love Dorset!

  9. Jill Green

    Had me, and I thought how lovely of your friends to fence their garden and pond in for Georgie! Good job May!

  10. Cheryl

    Oh Darcy, you got me good! The whole time I was, selfishly, thinking now I’d never get to meet George and Darcy and you May. Whew, so glad it was an April Fool’s joke! Though I bet the countryside looks pretty good now!
    Stay well

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