A new hair salon?

Mummy thinks I am so human, so thought I’d try a human hair salon instead.

Just kidding! They wouldn’t know what to do with me and they would not get my fringe right!

I was just at the salon with Mummy when she went to have her hair done. IMG_0117 Our friend Mario who appears frequently with me on QVC to promote their Pet Angel brushes showed me their latest products – mini Pet Angels!!!IMG_0120I’ll have the pink one – THANK YOU!IMG_0135 Mario showed us that even though it’s a mini brush, it’s still good for brushing.IMG_0124 Yes, Mummy? Trying it on?IMG_0136 May’s comment: These are Pet Angel detangler key rings – fabulous for having them with me, just in case Miss D needed a quick brushing up.IMG_0129


  1. Julia

    Fab idea. Handy to have after a walk. Harry is often covered in sticky things so could brush them out before getting home!! X

  2. Sue

    Please let me know where Darcy goes for grooming as I love her cut.

    • Miss Darcy

      Sue, we go to The Pet Spa in London. They are all very good but our favourite groomer is Nicky. I always ask for her and so do all the other cockapoo friends who goes there.

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