Next time …

Do you remember the last time you were going to do something and then for some reason decided against it – that there’ll always be a next time?

Funny how ‘Next Time’ seems a distant future now.

And it’s usually all the little things that we put off.

The weeks before the lockdown, Mum was debating going to see a few films at the local cinema but she kept thinking “next week” … And then one day, we saw this.

Seeing this hit home. It will be awhile before we’ll be going to the cinema.

We were encouraged to stay home and practice social distancing, and many of the shops started closing.

During the first few days, Mum thought of all the things she had wanted to pick-up before all the shops were closed. She thought, well, the next time I am down that way again but that next time is in the indefinite future.

Within days all the restaurants and pubs were closed. And she thought of all those lovely dog-friendly places that welcomed us. We would often go after our walkies for lunch or breakfast with friends or just as a treat. Mum thought how much she missed having lunch at one of our favourite restaurants, Lucio. We were going to go one last time the week before the shut down but we never managed. We just never made the time. So as soon as it is possible – that will be our the first ‘next time’ destination. We will be running there in haste.

Mum also gets these flashes of memories about places we’ve been to and then feel sad that they too are now closed.

But let’s not think about things we didn’t manage to do. The days are flying. Soon all those little things we seemed to have missed in the early days of social distancing will not matter any more. We will learn to live without them. When we are able to go about our daily lives the way we once did, we may appreciate our freedom and choices so much more. And let’s hope we will then remember to do all the ‘next time’ things.

For now, let this somewhat unique situation not slip away. Let this not become a ‘next time.’ As long as we are healthy and staying safe, we must use this time wisely and not to look back when it is all over and wondered what we had done with our time.

Mum’s ‘Next Time’ list is long. Do you have a ‘Next Time’ list?

Don’t look back.

May’s comment: We’re now into Week 3 and looking back at what I’ve done the past two weeks, I am disappointed that I have wasted so much time on some things and not progressed on the others.

So much of my time had been spent in front of the computer or on the phone – writing blogs and posting pictures on social media. And honestly, too much time.

There are goals I have neglected. I have not even taken the camera out of the bag and only managed to finish one chapter of writing with four more to go. These are the projects that I never had the time to do before – always ‘too busy’ was the excuse. I really don’t want to look back at this self-isolation period and think I have missed this opportunity to finally finish these projects.

I’ve decided that for the next 10 days or more to focus on the things that I never had time to do. And hope we can continue to bring a smile to your faces the ‘Next Time’ we are back here.

We wish you all well. Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy and happy. And stay in touch. Sending you love.


  1. Cheryl

    Oh if I had a pound/dollar for every time I said that!
    Stay safe!

  2. Jill Green

    Have you read about this? Not the same as going to the theatre or cinema, but a great offering in these unusual times.

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