No Dogs Allowed!

So Mummy had this idea that since she was going to be in Delhi, she would go to the Taj Mahal – and this time she would have her “Darcy” with her.  The last time she visited the “monument of love” she was “alone” 🙂

Up early and she and Impostor set off on the long drive to Agra by 6am.  The sun had just risen.IMG_1088When they got to Agra, they couldn’t drive any closer. They had a choice to go on a trishaw, a horse drawn carriage or some sort of tuk-tuk. They chose the trishaw (poor man!)IMG_1144This is Jasleen – she’s the hotel’s Lifestyle Host and she went along with them.IMG_1151 And people stopped to the streets wondering if I am a real dog! 🙂IMG_1147But as they went through security checks, she was told not dogs allowed! But she’s not a dog, she’s a cardboard cut-out!!! No animals or toys allowed. But she’s not a toy!!! No! they said. Reluctantly, Mummy left Impostor with security.IMG_1130 So she again took the photo at the Taj Mahal on her own. 🙁IMG_1112 Hey! She sees a dog – a real life start dog right at the Taj!IMG_1115 Look! It’s a real four-legged dog! SO Mummy took a photo of it.IMG_1116 And when they were exiting and collected Impostor from security, she showed them the photo – and they laughed sheepishly.IMG_1133 Not giving up, Mummy sneaked this photo at the end – again some other security was telling her – no animals allowed! Again she showed this security the photo of the dog. And he laughed and walked away!!!!!!!IMG_1135 Oh well, there’s something called photoshop and the hotel staff kindly made Mummy’s dream come true. They put me/Impostor in the photo!!! Voila!Taj Mahal

May’s comment: The last time I was at the Taj was about twenty years ago. This time it took us less than three hours to get there in the early morning sans traffic on the new freeway. The last time we drove past cows and people on unpaved roads.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Wow May, this is fantastic. I would love to see the taj Mahal… Maybe one day! I’m sure Imposter and Miss Darcy really enjoyed it. X

  2. Dear Ms. Wong,

    Dusit Devarana would like to thank you for patronizing us.

    We felt attached to Ms. Darcy while you were here .

    We miss you too and look forward to welcome you back to India.

    Front Office Manager
    Dusit Devarana New Delhi

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