Not a water dog

We’ve taken George to the beach twice before and each time he had never ventured out to the water.

He’s happy to run around on the beach and watches from a safe distance …
IMG_9510 We would run along the beach IMG_9652and when I head off towards the waterIMG_9654 He runs towards the beachIMG_9655As much as I encourage him to come join meIMG_9653He would rather not.
IMG_9516May’s comment: I wonder if George can swim.


  1. Cecilia

    Haha~ my molly would not hesitate for one bit!

  2. Chris

    My twi ate same Peanut races onto tje sea, Gracie looks at her as if she is nuts and lkeeps well out of the way.

  3. Chris

    Grr hate typing on iphone

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