Nuestro primer restaurante Espanol – Lurra

We’ve been to MANY, MANY ristorante Italiani in London.  We’ve been to a few restaurant français, just one Pan-Asian, many gastro pubs and a sampling of British restaurants (hmmm, which ones?). But we went to our first restaurante Espanol.

Along Seymour Place in Marylebone is a row of lovely restaurants.  We were at dog-friendly Bernardi’s (one of the MANY Italians) last December.  IMG_2764Lurra, which means “land” had opened not so long ago and Jacqui suggested we pooches give it a try as it is very dog-friendly. Mummy loved it! As for Jacqui – look at ALL those wine glasses! She’s really enjoying it!IMG_2772I sat in my usual place – on the banquetteIMG_2769 Miuccia and George stayed quietly on the floor.IMG_2778Well, George, he had an outburst earlier when this dog appeared near our space. IMG_2762His owner thought George wanted to say “hello” but that was not a “hello” bark. He just didn’t like that un-neutered dog who was strutting his stuff. Didn’t bother Miuccia and I. Guess George was a bit jealous.

The diners at the next table loved having us there – they are dog-lovers too so we struck up a conversation. They each have dogs and now they know they can bring their doggies.

They had the much talked about rib-eye steak and they generously asked if us doggies would like some. YES!!!!  Thank you!

Jacqui cut it up so we can all share.  IMG_2779But as soon as it appeared, it disappeared. We’re all such gobblers! LOL!IMG_2780Mummy, please vote that we stay in the EU. If we don’t all these wonderful Italians, French, Spanish restaurants may all go away. Then we’re down to jet gastro-pubs and pubs.

May’s comment:  

Another lovely restaurant that is dog-friendly. London’s changing – maybe it’s the influence and presence of (some) the European countries where they seem less uptight about dogs in eating places.  Italian, French now Spanish. Next one on the list – Portuguese.IMG_2765Lurra serves a delicious Basque menu in an airy dining room – plus a basement and a courtyard.  It is the sister restaurant to Donostia across the road.  It was so good, already planning on going back!
Address: 9 Seymour Pl, London W1H 5BA


  1. Christine

    May, Darcy and George are a credit to you, I do not think my two would behave so well in a restaurant. I have sat outside with them and they have been good, but just for coffee. I think if steak or any other tasty thing were involved they would not behave. Please tell me they are not Angels 🙂 all the time.

    • Miss Darcy

      They are NOT angels at all! Just persistence in getting them trained that they know their place. Darcy likes sitting on the banquette – she thinks she’s closer to food. George doesn’t know how to jump up so he stays down there. He’s actually a lot better than Darcy. But he had once stolen a piece of steak from someone’s plate in a dog-event at a restaurant so all were forgiving humans there and thought it was funny – I was appalled. Darcy had once stolen food form my plate when I wasn’t looking but I think now they know they will get food so they wait.

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