October’s Cover Girl

Yup! That’s me! Mummy was asked to be the SUPERFAN for October’s Issue – so she told our story and how we came to be.  And she wrote about how she decided that my being in her life wasn’t going to stop her doing all the things she likes doing.  Together we would journey together – in our daily lives and when we explore further afield. And so we have.

Look, George, that’s me and Mummy.Thank you Dog Monthly for sharing our story and feel honoured to be in the same issue as Paul O’Grady.

And if you were at the Dog Days movie premiere – you will be in there too!

I think George is proud of his big sister.

May’s comment: What an honour! Thank you, Beverley.

I took the opportunity to reference why some media always seem to pick on cockapoos as the cute but oh-so-naughty dogs!!! Writers of such articles obviously don’t know too much about dog training. Most of the time, the dogs are as good as the training they’ve been given. So blame it on the humans, not the dogs and not the breed. Yes, maybe some breeds have more tendencies of certain traits but not all dogs are the same.

I wanted to also emphasise on dogs being in our lives. To me Darcy and George are my family and I love doing things with them. And so our adventures began – whether it be finding places where we can dine together, doing ordinary every day human things or challenge myself to see how I can travel far and wide with one of both of them.

The issue covers such a broad range of topics – from dog-related art, dog health conditions, dog training tips and the latest books about dogs I want to read! Good October issue!  It’s now out in print and digital.

Think the cover might have to go up on the gallery wall. Photography by Penelope Malby –  we had such an easy session with Penelope. She took some fab shots of us.

Here’s another favourite:



  1. Rita and Gracie

    Well done the May family.
    XXX?? ???⛴???.

  2. Sarah garratt

    She looks amazing may xx

  3. Jill Keiser

    What a perfect choice for October’s Cover Girl! Way to go, Darcy!

  4. Mo

    What a special honor for the adorable Miss Darcy!

  5. Kathy

    That is fantastic May! Darcy is so beautiful and photogenic. The magazine chose good when they chose you and Darcy May!

  6. Congratulations to the beautiful and very photogenic ladies of the ‘May’ family !
    A lovely honour and very well chosen by the magazine. ?

  7. Maree

    Wow congratulations to both so beautiful

  8. Nancy Koon

    Yay Darcy! Now they need to put George on a cover to help rescues!!

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