Day 11: På gjensyn!

The final phrase in Norwegian means good-bye! 

We’ve put on our travelling coats – and the BIG Wheelie is back in action.Before we left Trondheim, we left our temporary mark on the snow.That’s my paw print on the left and George’s on the right. They are only temporary – just like we were temporarily living a dream while on the ferry for 11 days.

We got on the bus for the train station with the other passengers leaving. As the bus pulled away, everyone took one last look …That was David leaving after saying goodbye.

At the train station in Trondheim – waiting for the train to Oslo.Oh, George, stop looking for attention.
As the train pulled away from the station, the sun was just about to peek over the horizon.Another long journey ahead of us – and making our way home … via Oslo, Dusseldorf and Hoek van Holland.

May’s comment: It’s been a stunning journey in so many ways.  The scenery, the people we met, just the experience of being able to fulfil a list of wishes with my two pooches.

A few photos using the iPhone View from our cabinand when I finally figured how to use my Canon camera  – I finally managed to capture some of the Arctic scenery along the way – 
And this was from a fellow passenger who managed to capture the moment on my behalf. I later learnt this was taken with an App for Northern Light photography specially for iPhone.  Now if I had known … But the most special moments were those captured by sight, stored in my mind and in my heart. These are now memories as we journey onwards.  There’s still a lot more on the bucket and I hope it stays that way. In fact a few were added to it which I didn’t even know I had!  And there will come a time when I might forget all this, but just to have lived each and every one of those moments was a dream come true.

So, so grateful for this experience. It was planned with impulse and had no idea what to expect. The impetus was when I found out I could fulfill those dreams with my two dogs. Thank you Hurtigruten MS NordNorge.


  1. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    What an amazing trip and the photos are fantastic. Have safe travels home and we wish you a very happy new year. Love Lola xx

  2. Annie Rhodes

    Thanks for letting us follow along on your journey. I didn’t even know this was on my bucket list! But now it is! Thank you May, Miss Darcy and George! But let me ask what would you do differently?

    • Miss Darcy

      I will write more later – in fact I would summarise it on a later blog on reflection. Thank you for reading and I too have added things to my bucket list which I didn’t know either.

  3. Pam Eulberg

    Dear May, thank you so much for sharing this experience, both yours and the dogs!! On a daily basis I looked forward to the stories and pictures and you provided a virtual vacation that can now go on my “Bucket List” for an in-person vacation!! Pam

  4. Kathy Shoulders

    What a fantastic trip May! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

  5. Cheryl and Susie

    Enjoyed following your journey thank-you for sharing this experience, happy new year to you all, Cheryl and Susie x

  6. Daniel Hall

    I am very glad that you got to see the Northern Lights during your trip. A great experience. That’s a really good photo of them. Thanks for sharing it and also photos of the horse, the sled dogs, and more.

    For 4 years I attended a U.S. high school in New Hampshire. I was very fortunate to see the Northern lights there often back then.

    Some day you should write a book on traveling to various places by train, etc., with 2 dogs. I am sure there would be many readers.

    Best wishes to you and your dogs for a Happy New Year.


  7. Annie Rhodes


  8. Margaret Danks

    It’s been thrilling taking this adventure with you all. ❤️🐾

  9. Cheryl

    Really loved following your incredible journey, your little dogs are amazing and you are fabulous taking them with such calmness. So happy for you xx

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