Poo Bear picnic in the park!

It was a week of watching the weather forecast. And lucky us – it didn’t rain on our picnic.

We had the Tykes with us, and Mum had to pack our picnic and get us all in the car. In other words, we were running late.

When we got there, Karen who came all the way from Australia was already there waiting for us.

She showed us a photo of Lottie.

And guess who did George duty for the meet? LOL!

Karen was only too pleased to have a dog for the morning because she was missing her Lottie.

And Mum brought a whole lot of treats from The Dog Nutritionist to share with everyone.

And it looks like it went down a treat!

Yup! I made sure I was at every possible treat station.

Caught on camera each and every time. LOL!

George managed to pull Karen along to the treats.

Nah! She didn’t have any treats! I didn’t bother …

And soon the picnic baskets were laid …

Bella taking her place.

Oh George, you look angry! What’s wrong?

Oh, and Bella decided to try this blanket.

Soon the hoomans settled.

Freddie taking his place.

This all looks really interesting. We have moved on from dog treats to hooman food.

Let’s get a closer look at what’s on offer.

Yup, it;s me again as Mini Tyke tried to hide her lunch from me.

I wasn’t there, you can bet Freddie would be.

Ahhhh, Winston is interested too.

DeDe looking on.

So lovely to see old friends who came all the way from Kent to join us.
Where’s Dante, DeDe? Chasing a ball?

Jed and Ivy curious what’s in mum’s bag.

But Rusty held on tightly to his bag of treats.

While Bala looked on.

And Lucca came looking.

There were lots of hugs

All around …

Even the hooman kids

It was a tiring event for some –

But not for these two London poos – they never stopped playing for one moment.

Look how they’ve grown. Oscar is almost my size and they are not yet one.

May’s comment: Lucky us. It was a cloudy day – not as hot as it had been and so grateful that it did not rain!

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