Product testing

Freddie and I are the official product-testers for Pet Edition!

Its tough work – all this product testing.

A bit soft cushy bed

Yes, there were more than one bed to trial.

A big furry bed!

Jaffa got the idea as she snoozed comfortably …

An Autumnal blanket – ready for the cooler days.

Sometimes we all had to try and see how many poos can fit on a bed!

This one is called Three Cockapoos on a BIG furry bed! LOL!

You know how it works. Stay, stay, stay ….


Sometimes we had to hold things – and drop things. Oops!

Trying to hold a lead with poo bag holder,

This looks like fun! Can we all get in there?

A teepee bed!

You want me to sit inside?

I rather like this teepee bed

Little Tyke wished he could have squeezed in there with me.

George was trying out products too – but he also had his time with Little Tyke.

George loves a colourful lead and collar.

May’s comment: Fun day of shoot for Pet Edition’s new products. Also fun to see that the dogs actually enjoying them – what better testimony than dogs giving their paw of approval.

Check out these new products on Pet Edition – a portal of curated pet products for the discerning pet and owner. 🙂

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    What a great team of product testers! I’d like to have one of those beds
    for me!!!

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