On one of our morning coffees at Lido Cafe, Mummy and I had a conversation about what we both like doing. Mummy loves to travel and I love to chase squirrels in the park. But we both enjoy doing those things more when we are with each other.

Now that Mummy’s walking better than she has in a few years, we’ve been back to our walks in the park – so I can chase squirrels. But Mummy has been giving a lot of thought about our travels together.

Many of her friends have commented how spoilt I am – because I have travelled so much. But she had recently come to realise that at times the travel we do is contrary to being spoilt – from a dog’s perspective.  That as much as I am happy to be with her all the time, I would rather be running in the park than travelling in trains, planes or ships to alien places.

In fact, I am always a bit concerned when we stay in hotels and Mummy has to leave me in the room.  We sleep in strange beds and we have strange people coming to the room – albeit to deliver food or clean our room. She spends a lot of time finding restaurants where we can go to eat together, and places we can visit together. I spend the first hours or the first day anxiously sniffing all the streets – those unfamiliar places. She would find parks for me to run in.  And in so many ways my presence restricts her movement.

But whenever she travelled to far away places she left me at the House of Mutt. She would be so sad to leave me behind but when she followed what I’ve been up to on Facebook – she realised that I am having fun. I was running freely in wide open fields and through the woods, swimming in ponds and enjoying my days with doggy friends.  I was ok – I wasn’t pining for her. I wasn’t lonely. In fact I was very much in my element.

Sometimes it is also good for us to take a break away from each other. It doesn’t mean she loves me less, in fact she is being less selfish by letting me do what makes me happy. And she gets to do things with her friends and be at places that would be restrictive if we were together.

This realisation isn’t in any way mean we’re travelling less nor will she leave me behind if she can help it.  And I would run out the door faster than Hussein Bolt if I get the sense that Mummy’s leaving for somewhere without me. It’s just that she realises that at times it is better for me to stay behind.  That way we are both free to do what we like best. She does human things and I do doggy things.

And when we see are back together again – just a lot more tail wagging, kisses for Mummy and I get the cuddles and treats!!!

IMG_1904May’s comment:  This is just to say – a well-travelled dog doesn’t always mean she’s a privileged dog. It just means she’s privilege to have a crazy Mummy who wants to be spending time with her rather than leaving her behind. But if there is a better alternative to her travelling with me, then it should be the right thing to do. No separation anxiety, no guilty feelings – in fact, being less selfish on my part.

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