Rest, Revive, Rejuvenate

Ok, Mummy dearest. We leave you for a week to do what you need to do … rest, revive and rejuvenate!

And when we return in a week’s time, we expect to see you back to your old self again!!!

We expect to explore new parks with friends, luncheon at more dog-friendly restaurants, more Afternoon Teas, King’s Road retail therapy and anywhere you fancy, plus lots of trips – near and far – beach runs, country walks, ferry crossing, train rides – bring them on!!!

Till then George and I will think of you while we live each day to the fullest.

May’s comment: The final episode of this ongoing gall bladder saga. Sending the dogs away for a week of play and then – heigh ho! Back to work we go!!!

Looking back I can now laugh at how myopic I can be. When this whole episode started in early September, I was in A&E in excruciating pain and all I could think of was – I must get through this quickly and get out of here. Surely they must have some drugs that can help with the pain.  I have 48 hours before I catch a plane. With a team of doctors standing over me, I was negotiating with them as I was inhaling some gas which helped with the pain. “OK, if you’re going to admit me, do you think I can be discharged by tomorrow?”

“What’s happening tomorrow?” – they asked

I’m going on holiday to Mallorca early Friday morning, and I haven’t finished packing yet.

I could see the amusement on their faces when they kindly broke the news, “You’re going to be here for a few days – at least not till the weekend is over.

Shocked, surprised, disappointed, annoyed – I thought – what bad timing!!!

I thought of poor Georgie. It was our first trip together. It would be symbolic – the day we return on the ferry would have been the anniversary of George’s arrival in the UK. I was looking forward to meeting a new friend in Dusseldorf, seeing an old friend in Frankfurt. And I wanted so much to see the Seeberger’s amazing new house in Mallorca. And a holiday in the sun.  I was gutted and then there were so many flights, trains, ferries, hotels to cancel. Bummer!  What an inconvenience! Seriously bad timing.

Six weeks later, we are coming to the end of this.

Now understanding what the health issues involved … I am just so thankful for the timing of everything. In fact the timing was perfect. Any time later I could have been in flight, in train with George in tow and in a foreign country.  And it happened at a place where there were people to help me. I could have been on the streets, in public transportation, or even worse at home alone.

The house in Mallorca will still be there waiting for George and I to take our trip. In fact, the olive trees would have been planted and it will be even more amazing! And since I can only fly with George in-cabin, he and I will still take our “you-and-me” trip.  And Darcy will have her run at House of Mutt.

I was fretting because my plans were thwarted.  Someone knew better. Someone was watching over me. I was humbled and grateful.  So tomorrow … let’s get on with living and remember to live in the moment.


  1. Alison

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope you and George can make your trip soon!!! X

  2. Barbara Kingston

    Dear May, how I love reading Miss Darcy’s blog! I’m sorry you’ve been ill, been there, seen it, done it, got the teeshirt. As you say being stuck down when you were was a good thing, hindsight being what it is. I had the same problem as you but was struck down in Vancouver towards the end of the most expensive holiday I have ever had. 5 weeks after my return I had the op. I can honestly say I woke from the op feeling better than I had for several years and my first visitor told me I was a completely different colour, pink and healthy again. I have been lucky in that I can eat what I like. I hope all goes well for you, take some time to rest up so you can enjoy you’re beautiful doggies and entertain us all again.
    Very best regards
    Eddie sends lots of ‘poo kisses

  3. margaret danks

    So glad you had the op May! I had mine removed, not by choice, when I was 27. Having suffered ” indegestion” for 9 years, mine ruptured, infected and I was rushed in with the blue lights blazing! They removed 9 large stones, and gave me a very fetching ( not) 10 inch scar right down my middle. You were Better to have it out than risk more infection

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