Yo Yorkie! You look like me!!!

Georgie was running in the park when he saw a Yorkie and he shouted after it – “Hey you, Yorkie!IMG_5370“I want to talk to you!”IMG_5369“I think you look like me, or I like you.  Can I have a closer look to compare? Hey!”IMG_5367You have no idea how fast I can run. So just give up and stop running away from me.IMG_5368OK, sorry! I didn’t mean to be rude. I just want to say – I was told there’s a lot of your type in me.IMG_5378Mummy’s always saying I am a Yorkie cross +++. We don’t know what the other +++ consists of though.

Oh Georgie, if you stop shouting after him like a hooligan, he might stop running away from you.IMG_5379By the way, that’s Bandito.

Oh no, now he’s following me around.IMG_5371Shoo! Go play with Georgie!IMG_5381 Go away!!!IMG_5390Thank god! Got rid of those two little annoyances.IMG_5392Better run away when they’re not watching.IMG_5388May’s comment: DNA testing said he’s purebred Yorkshire – not! But it must be because that is his prominent gene. He’s a large Yorkie.

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  1. Maggie

    He is a lovely Yorkie!!!!

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