Forthglade saved the day

If you know us well, you will know we feed raw. But when travelling we have struggled.

On short weekend travels, we manage to take our Honey’s raw food with us. But on longer trips we had always improvised and compromised. The first three days of raw and then we either sourced minced raw meat from local supermarkets and add bananas or chopped up carrots to our meals. Whenever we did that, our poo eventually started to change – they became softer and softer.

One day, like in normal conversations amongst dog owners, Skylar’s mum mentioned how she needed to add Forthglade’s cold pressed dry food to the wet Forthglade that Skylar eats – or her poos would be too hard. Mum’s ears perked up. Hard poos from non-raw feed? Her interest was peaked. Could this be the solution for our upcoming trip to the Isles of Scilly?

Immediately she borrowed some of the wet food to try from Skylar and Freddie who are both Forthglade fed.

Mum slowly introduced it to our diet. The combo kept our poos solid. And slowly she eased us into 100% wet Forthglade the days following up to our travels. All was going well. She had ordered some to take with us – and the good thing is – the trays of food do not need to be refrigerated for at least two to three days, as long as they are not open. Since between us we finish a pack a day, that was not a concern. So we travelled with five packs of Forthglade for the week we went to the Isles of Scilly.

And the result – excellent!

Looks like we have found our travel feeding solution.

May’s comment: Happy to say – their poos remained solid throughout the week we were travelling. Hallelujah! You can imagine what a relief that was.

We often get asked to trial new foods in return for a review and we’ve always turned down the offers. And the ones when we did try had never worked for us.

We are raw feeders and after having tried so many kibbles and other raw feeds, we have stuck by Honey’s – and we continue to feed raw. But we know that proves to be tricky when we are not at home. So when we stumbled upon a comment made by a friend about her dog’s poos being hard when feeding wet Forthglade, I had to give it a try. The last thing you want when travelling is your dog to have a bad stomach.

Both my dogs are not very discerning about their food, between greedy Darcy and food scrambler George, feedings has never been a problem. So it was never going to be a case of them not liking it. For that I am grateful.

Now we can travel for long periods without concern about feeding – at least within Europe. Already planning our Christmas and New Year hols when we will be gone for a good two to three weeks. We will be able to send the food ahead!

Thank you Forthglade for letting us have a trial of your food. We are now fans!

Forthglade is made in Devon. No junk or fillers – just 100% natural ingredients. They are nutritionally balanced, grain free, contains Omega-3, minerals, vitamins & probiotics, botanicals and gently steamed.

If you order from, mention the discount code DARCY20 for a 20% discount.

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  1. Anne McCormack

    We feed Ben Forthglade and my OH also is grateful for the solid waste! We buy from Costco where is it much cheaper than the supermarket or per store and I think they also deliver via their website. The quality and ingredients are excellent. Storage is easy too.
    May, are you allowed to transport dog meats into EU countries? I thought there were restrictions on that. Better to check first or ask Forthglade for advice.

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