Selfies at Selfridges

Someone took a photo of me as we were going up the escalator at Selfridges because they thought I looked like a teddy bear!  Mummy asked the photographer if she could send us the photo! 🙂

I felt like a celebrity, everyone wanted to say hello and asked to take my photo. IMG_7925The staff at Selfridges were so welcoming! They stopped to say hello and had our photos takenIMG_7896 We did selfies!IMG_7900 IMG_7898 Or other shoppers were asking if they could take a photo of us as we were going up the escalator.IMG_7924Truth be told, I think they were amused at how Mummy was carrying me – a dog my size – all 10.45kg!!!  Sorry, Mummy, I am a kg heavier than I was two months ago.

May’s comment: I think it must be the way I was carrying her in my arms that caught people’s attention.

I first had her in a tote bag made specially for us by Alice Foxx.IMG_7873That was killing my shoulders! And it kept slipping off as well. So I decided it was easier to carry her in my arms!IMG_7916Dogs that can be carried are allowed into Selfridges on Oxford Street. It does look a little ridiculous when she’s in my arms but they did say if a dog can be carried – and I did! LOL!  Time to lose some weight, Miss D!!!

Yes, it would be easier to carry George but I couldn’t carry them both!!!


  1. Great to know Selfridges is a dog friendly place – I’ll go christmas shopping tomorrow with my mini dachshund!

  2. Samantha Smith

    I had the same problem and Jensen is 14.5kg. Never again!

  3. Alex

    Wish I could carry Crumpet!

  4. Miss Darcy if you know of anyone looking for therirown little star please let them know my next litter is on Xmas Day

  5. Fabulous Jandaz Miss Darcy ❤️

  6. Nancy Koon

    What wonderful pictures! And hugs for George! Happy Holidays to you all…I love keeping up with your Adventures! And am most happy that your mummy is well again!
    Nancy Koon, from La Crescenta, California. And a hello from Buddha (big black cat) and Freeders (smaller black and white cat) Can’t have a doggy-dog right now…gone too much so I live vicariously through Darcy and George! Happy New Year too!

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