We are going to be Sleeping Ruff!

In less than a month’s time, on Friday, 5th October – this quartet (and possibly four more pooches) will be Sleeping Ruff!

Yup! That’s Freddie, even George (the former street dog), me and Barnaby will join our hoomans at the “Sleep Out” to raise money for Glass Door London. They do amazing work to help the homeless in London.

But we, the pooches, are also doing something for the dogs of the homeless. We will be fund-raising for DOTS (Dogs on the Streets).  We are lucky we have homes and sleep on comfy beds but there are many canines who “sleep ruff” every night. And DOTS is a charity that helps the homeless with their dogs – giving them vet care, shelter and food – even toys. We see them everyday when we walk the streets of London – and this is something we would like to do – our small way of giving back.

We will all be “sleeping out” at the Duke of York Squarehuddled inside sleeping bags, on cardboard – wearing our Equafleeces.  The hoomans will be sharing the sleeping bags with us, bundled up in their thermals and probably drinking hot chocolate with woolly hats, gloves and poofy jackets. It will be “cosy” and quite fun.  Cross our paws there won’t be rain – PLEASE!!!! Or we will all be drenched rats – and very cold.

Hey! Where is George?  Gone to the spa?!?!?!Little Ink Blot has gone to Love My Human to get ready for the event! He thinks he will be representing all the street dogs of London so he needs to look the part. George, this is not the brief. I think he’s been off the streets too long.

Thank you Belinda for our very smart Cosy Chic Boutique “Sleeping Ruff” bandanas.  I think we’re ready …

May’s comment: Please help us raise money for Glass Door London who do amazing work to help the homeless in London.  Please sponsor us if you can. Every bit counts – no matter how much.  To do so, click on the link –  https://www.glassdoor.org.uk/fundraisers/sleeping-ruff

I believe it will also take international donors – if the link doesn’t work, please let us know.

Or you can also help us by sharing and reposting. Our target is at least £1000.

In addition, for every pound raised we will donate 50p (to a max of £500) to DOTS London.  We see these dogs in our everyday lives and this is the least we can do – to help the charity that helps to take care of them.


  1. Sam and Lola x

    Brilliant, well done and thank you for helping the homeless. It seems to have become all too ‘normal’ to see people and their pooches sleeping ‘ruff’. We gind it sad and upsetting that so many people find themselves without a home or shelter. I would love to join you, but probably can’t make that date, so will donate the train fare. Love you guys. Xxxx

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