Soirée with Rusty

After my bath, blow dry and supper, Rusty and his Mummy dropped in. Been seeing a lot of Rusty – one of my many BFs!IMG_7013Here’s Rusty being appreciative of Mummy’s cooking.IMG_7012After supper, we all sat around and had a chit-chat. Rusty loves to sit on someone’s lap – tonight it’s Mummy’s.
IMG_7019While I took MY place on the sofa.IMG_7016Rusty wanted to get on but, er, sorry! IMG_7017He got a cuddle instead.IMG_7022


  1. Martine and Rusty

    We had a lovely time. Xx

    Thank you May and Darcy x

  2. Jocelyn

    Lovely pics of all 4 of you. curious what was on the plates?
    By the way did u watch the Bionic vet, it was so interesting, some was very happy, and some very sad, and tearful.
    See u soon X

    • Miss Darcy

      It’s Thai Chicken Green Curry with rice. No we didn’t catch Bionic Vet – must do catch up tv.

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