Spoodle mummy from Oz-land!

We had a lovely dinner with Helen and Liam – they are both from Melbourne and visiting England.  Helen was missing her Spoodles and in fact, she met a Spoodle (from Australia) on her first day in London. She got in touch and we had planned to meet up in the park on Sunday when we were being Team Orange but we never did. Or so it seemed.

Helen was in Hyde Park, the same time we were and we walked right past each other without either one of us realising it. It was only after she read our Team Orange blog that she looked back at the photos she had taken and realised it was us that she took photos of! LOL!

To make up for that, we met up for dinner at the wonderfully dog-friendly Gordon Ramsay Group restaurant near where we live.IMG_1287Helen has two “spoodles”  called Teddy 12648119_1191977597497198_74641928_nand Bear.  12650453_1191977590830532_1874022174_nAnd I have one very well-loved Teddy Bear!  We have much in common.

I was getting all the hugs but my focus …IMG_1286– on the yumminess on the table. And when these Aussies were not expecting it, I lunged forward trying to get that morel of bread. Unlike George, I was not fast enough.IMG_1292 I got passed over to Liam but still eyeing that bread basket.IMG_1301 And Miuccia was there too. Helen said there aren’t as many blue roans in Australia. IMG_1297 While all this discussion was going on, I stayed focused.IMG_1273 While Miuccia came up form under the table to see what was going onIMG_1314But Georgie being so small and lost in the spoodle talk, Mummy gave him an extra long hug.IMG_1309May’s comment: Helen is another Facebook friend that became “real”. She’s visiting from Australia and was missing her poo. She saw my blog postings and thought maybe she’ll run into us. Hopeful meet in the park never happened – and we weren’t going to miss the chance of meeting another of our readers! This is one of the lovely things about writing this blog – we meet people form all walks of life, from all over the world – with one thing in common – love for our dogs!

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  1. Helen Tillinh

    What a lovely story Darcy (and May). We are now in Berlin and miss all of you already. We had a most memorable and lovely evening and especially loved the fact that you and George and Miuccia were allowed in the restaurant to keep us company and snack on our treats while we had our dinner. Thank you for a truly special night.

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