Me and my imperfections …

It is already time for my check-ups and de-worming tablets before we leave for home – not more than five days and not less than 24 hours before we re-enter the UK.

I have never been to Park East Vets before but the minute we walked through the doors, I was a little nervous. But when the man in a white coat called my name, I tried to run away, I put on the brakes and began shaking with fear.  I did not want to go in.  But I am a little guy and with one hand, Mummy swept me up and I found myself on the examination table.

Mummy, the metal table is a little cold – I don’t want to put down all four of my paws.

The man in white came back in and introduced himself, asking to see my Pet Passport. And there I sat on the examination table while he examined me.There is a reason why I don’t like going to the vets. Mummy likes to tell every new vet – repeating and confirming all my imperfections! Mummy reeled off her questions –

Mummy: How are his loose patellas?

Vet: His right is worst than his left but there’s nothing to be done about it.

Mummy: Does he have extra cartilage on his right side?

Vet: Floating rib? Yes, there it is on his right side. He was born with it.  Sometimes they have an extra one and it is not properly connected to the rib cage like the others.

Mummy: And his tear ducts – they’ll never be fully formed?

Vet: There is something you can do about it but if it is not hurting him then you needn’t bother.

Mummy: No it doesn’t bother me either.

Ahem! You forgot to mention my one lower right tooth that sticks out and that I am bow-legged.  Crikey! Give me a complex!

And she wasn’t done.

Mummy: Is there something we can do about his stressing out in moving cars?

Now that’s interesting. I want to know too. He was telling Mummy there are tablets I can take to take the edge off the anxiety.  Mummy wasn’t sure about his answer …

Nothing had worked so far.

May’s comment: Perfectly imperfect, George. Those are concerns that any Mummy would want to know about. As long as we know what they are and understand why you limp when you run, and to confirm that the little lump by your ribs is not a hernia, and to just confirm that it is normal for your eyes to keep tearing.

Can’t believe we’re almost going home!

I don’t know how and why George had become so fearful of going to the vets. He never was until the time when we took him and Jaffa to the vets together. Jaffa was terrified and when she ran away to stand by the door, George did the same and from that time on, he had been afraid. Wonder if Jaffa told him her fears.

And I thought our vet in London is expensive!



  1. Laura Cordovano

    I hope he got some extra treats! I remember one time visiting the vet with my Daisy who was terrified too. As the vet was looking at her eyes, throat etc at the front end she was pooping right on the table at the back end. Oh Lordy our dogs. ???. So embarrassing. Give George a gold star today

  2. Alison Mullett

    George your imperfections are what makes you YOU! We all love you just the way you are.
    Wishing you both a safe journey home! X

  3. Cheryl

    Poor George, not only did he have to go to the vet, he had to rehear about his imperfections! That’s ok George, no one is perfect, embrace what makes you you!

  4. Jane Groothuis

    May, surely you must know that in Manhattan, EVERYTHING costs twice what it would elsewhere, including a visit to the vet. My vet on Long Island charges $40 for an office visit that includes a nail trim, ears cleaned and anal glands squeezed.

    • Miss Darcy

      Not totally true. London is expensive and usually more then Manhattan but I think anything in the medical field here is more than anywhere else.

  5. Samantha R and Lola (Cockapoo)

    Not imperfections- just “Georgie uniqueness” and why you’re just such a cutie-pie. My lovely Lola has a “Wonky leg” and we wouldn’t swap you guys for anything! ❤ (and let’s not start on my imperfections….!?) xx

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