A Different Supplement

A Different Dog food has arrived for us – something “different” for sure. Very excited.

TA DA indeed!

Ahhhh look there are treats too.

And pots of cooked food …

This time we chose Beef Casserole, Turkey Friccasse, Lamb Hotpot

They had peaked Mum’s interest when she saw what was inside the pots of food. She was rather tempted to try them herself but there was a note on the enclosed leaflet which answered the question on her mind – “Although it may be tempting, this food is not intended for human consumption.” LOL! That’s because Different Dog cooks different recipes each week by hand, with fresh natural ingredients (and a lot of love.)

Different Dog believes that balance is best achieved through variety, and that freshness and quality of ingredients matter. They seek to reduce waste by sourcing human grade produce that isn’t pretty enough for supermarket shelves. And their goal is for all dogs to benefit from tasty, natural dog food, not just the lucky ones.

Transitioning from raw to some cooked food.

And do you know how Mum judges if the food is good for us? Take a guess.

May’s comment: This is NOT GIFTED. We only share our own experiences with dog food that works for us – and will only share what we like for ourselves – it’s not for everyone else.

We were introduced to Different Dog earlier in the year at London Dog Week and though we were hesitant, the food looked so edible by human standard that I was curious. And everything that came out at the other end was consistent and very similar to feeding raw!

So since then we’ve decided to supplement Honey’s Real Dog Food with Different Dog to give some variety. We get asked ever so often to trial new food and we almost never do. Since both Darcy and George will eat almost anything – that’s not a good criteria by which to judge the food. What comes out at the other end says it all. And I was nicely surprised at how well they took to Different Dog from the first time they tried it.

Though not a solution to our travel needs, but because it is cooked food, it lasts longer than travelling with raw. And less bloody.


  1. Jill Keiser

    You were kidding! That food looks delicious 😋 for human consumption. No wonder Darcy and George are enjoying it, and it is good for them, too!

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