Surf’s up!

LOOK at that!!!! Yowza!!!!12019801_1229224557094798_753092814820416293_n Let’s head on down!12019992_1229224120428175_6279813175050824274_n Whoa!!!!12033228_1229226063761314_9216085834707997957_n YES!!!! We love water but not so much of it …12042761_1229224483761472_5009952559125200541_nI’ve had enough says Meeko, a mini-labradoodle!
11949327_1229224280428159_3792282091934101513_nSome are braver than others12043010_1229226203761300_4238537501067243279_n I like to get in and get my legs wet but I don’t really swim12065562_1229224920428095_8008195917756864469_n And others like to just run along the beach12019856_1229224620428125_2869941306862516932_n Or do “downward dog” on the beach12036836_1229224807094773_1263496078004926976_n And wheeeee! Some back rubbing12009606_1229224870428100_6796965330960056656_nWhat a beautiful day on the beach!

May’s comment: Miss Darcy having the good life. Would you like to come home, sweetie pie and sit by my feet all day and take little short walks around the neighbourhood?

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  1. margaret danks

    She’s having a ball May, but I bet she would rather be home with you and Georgeous.

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