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Georgie went to off again with Sarah to Christie’s while I went with Mummy to a meeting in Shoreditch.

We were there with the morning commuters – taking the very crowded tube from South Kensington …IMG_9679 to King’s Cross and then to Old Street – right in the midst of rush hour.

I don’t like the escalators. I can get on them but I don’t want to. Mummy had to carry me – up or down each one and there were a lot of them.IMG_9682 IMG_9743 But I was right as “dogs must be carried”IMG_9741We finally got out of the station and walked along Old Street to Pitfield Street – finding fun, quirky things along the way.

A very large green manIMG_9684 A mosaic of circus dogs!IMG_9716 Funky coloured buildingsIMG_9721 A very old doorIMG_9714A dog with nine tails?!?!?!IMG_9712What kind of dog is that?  Maybe he was just wagging his tail so fast it looked like nine tails.

Oh no!  It’s a tattoo shop! No thanks! IMG_9711The sights in East London are so different to our neighbourhood. 🙂

We arrived at Pitfield – an unexpected dog-friendly place!IMG_9700Always interesting to explore other parts of London.


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