Team Peak Performance – You are our Number 1!

Team Peak Performance came in 12th at the Adventure World Racing Championships – but for us doggies around the world – you are our Number 1 Team!

This is the story of Arthur, a scruffy stray dog on the streets of Ecuador.

One day Arthur came across the Swedish endurance team who was taking part in the racing championship.

The team was preparing to embark on their 40km jungle trek when Mikael Lindnord, the team captain, thinking nothing of it, shared a meatball with Arthur. stream_imgAs they set off for the final leg of the race, Arthur, as he is now called, decided he would join the team in their race.  It was only a few kilometres on, when the team realised Arthur was following them.

It was an extremely strenuous hike, parts of it through knee-high mud.  On several occasions, Arthur got stuck in it.  The team had to pull him out but that did not deter him from going on – because I bet he knows good people when he meets them.236A161700000578-0-image-11_1416752874858One day, Arthur was totally wrecked when he could not find food in the jungle.  The team fed him their food to make sure he could carry on.

And when a teammate who became very dehydrated and needed medical attention, Arthur stood by him 236A166B00000578-0-image-2_1416751509554

And waited for the team as they recovered.
The last leg of the race was a 59km coastal race on a kayak. The organisers warned them against taking Arthur. They heeded the warning and set off in the kayak leaving Arthur on the shores. But nothing was going to stop him and he began to swim after them.  Mikael couldn’t bear seeing him like that and pulled Arthur onto the kayak. 10422310_875737139133385_970934073751494153_nBut silly Arthur didn’t make it easy on the team. He thought it’s quite fun to swim in the water so he jumped in a few times, or maybe he was getting a bit seasick on the kayak. 236C7EE400000578-0-image-8_1416752261350Eventually he got cold and was shivering – and the team had to give up their jackets for him to keep warm!

Six days later, Team Peak Performance crossed the finish line not with four but five team members. 236A166700000578-0-image-10_1416752616485But the story did not end there. 236A161B00000578-0-image-13_1416752886844Arthur had a big wound on his back when they first found him, so upon their return, the team took Arthur to the vet.236A15FB00000578-0-image-17_1416752898367

And as Lindnord decided he couldn’t leave him behind, he applied to take him home to Sweden.  They took him to the vet to get checked and ready to travel.1416754683686_Image_galleryImage_Team_Peak_Performance_wit

The Team had posted on Facebook about Arthur and he garnered media attention.  Everywhere he went, people asked if he was Arthur! He became an instant celebrity.

236A16AF00000578-0-image-32_1416754528438Finally Lindnord received word that Arthur was allowed to go home with him.
stream_img-3But they weren’t certain until Arthur was at the airport leaving Quito, Ecuador
236A15CF00000578-0-image-20_1416753184587With the flight crew –
236A163B00000578-0-image-26_1416753542271And then a welcome at Arlanda Airport in Sweden! 10683607_1021869467838533_6388207067595884769_o“I came to Ecuador to win the World Championship. Instead, I got a new friend.” says Mikael Lindnord.

You are one lucky dog, Arthur. But it was your tenacity and loyalty that captured the hearts of the team and the world.

Thank you Team Peak Performance for giving Arthur a new life. He will never stop appreciating you.10676282_1017844041574409_7417210070334156557_n

May’s comment: This story has made it around the world – and a You Tube video to definitely make you cry.

So many people have asked to donate and an Arthur Foundation has been set up to help other “Arthurs” – an even more beautiful ending. Team Peak Performance Facebook page


  1. Judith Vogel

    Very moving, heartwarming story. I saw a clip on the television, but your photos and comments brought it more fully to life.
    And how about those Swedes? How many other teams would slow down for an Arthur.
    They came in first in my book!
    Thanks for the story.

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