On this Thanksgiving Day, Mummy wanted to blog.

May’s comment:

Once upon a time not so long ago, people who know me would say I have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) – not such a bad thing to have in common with David Beckham! 🙂

Then life changed unexpectedly. All the walls I had around my fortress fell away. I knew then and I still know now, it was a second chance to live LIFE! I finally stopped to smell the roses. With a beautiful new home decorated just right, a new place in life that gave me freedom of time and space – I knew I was blessed. But it was all too “perfect” and quiet except for the occasional dinner party and friends over for tea.

One day, a thought occurred to me – maybe I should get a dog! The rest of the story, everyone who reads this blog knows what happened – there were therapy and doubts.  A couple of months after Darcy came into my life, I went away for two weeks. And I found myself thinking about Darcy everyday – wondering if she’s ok and mentally counting down the days of my return. I could not wait to see that fuzzy face again!  It was then I knew she had wriggled herself into my heart.


I am still OCD but she made me realise it’s so much nicer to have a warm body snuggled next to you, dust and all, in bed than pristine white sheets. And though a couple of scattered blankets doesn’t quite make the decor perfect, at least she has her place in every room in our home. And who cares about the sofa that much!  Of course she’s welcome to sit next to me while I watch telly. And there are leads hanging perfectly coordinated alongside my scarves and coats. She’s a part of the household.

All these are but superficial things and I learnt that LOVE can really change a person’s priorities.

I never realised I am capable of loving this much – whether making me go into a worry spin or heart bursting with excitement to see her after being away – or even reuniting after her grooming!  To be able to love, to care, to give, to devote. The quiet beauty of companionship, the silent contentment of  someone by my feet or next to me, the happiness of being greeted with such joy  every time I come home.  Her unfaltering loyalty and her constant excitement with life  and living every moment to the fullest – she had given me new perspectives in my second chance in life.


I like feeling depended upon. She fills a void I never knew I had.

Then as she filled my heart, she brought out in me – a lightness, a positivity, constructivity and gave me a purpose and a desire to do something creative – thus this blog that I so enjoy writing.  She has been a catalyst and a channel.

She gave me a gift. So on this Thanksgiving Day, whilst I am thankful for many things – Darcy is one of them.


I am not quite the “dog lady” – just someone in love with her own dog. She helped me see that dogs are more than “just an animal.”  She opened my heart to four-legged friends.

And so Darcy and I will just travel along our life journeys together – learning from each other and lessons I did not know I needed to learn.  And as someone said – if what you do is because your heart is filled with love, no one can fault you for being bonkers or eccentric.



  1. christine

    That is a beautiful post May.

  2. Liz

    Beautiful post, actually just made me cry! I too am thankful for all those things with my own fur babies 🙂
    Love your blog May

  3. Jennie

    I love this post! I feel similarly about my pup 🙂

  4. Dasha Hugg

    Amazing post! Very touching ! I want to discover these feelings for my dog too one day!xxx

  5. Laura Cordovano

    You so touched my heart today May. God bless you and Darcy. I love my guys with everything I have. If it weren’t for them I don’t know how I would have navigated a very difficult year. Trust and love s a beautiful thing. They’ve kept me grounded, grateful and good natured. It’s impossible to imagine life without them. Thank you for making me cry!

    • Miss Darcy

      Dear Laura, we are the lucky ones to know such love! Thanksgiving makes us pause to reflect. I hope you had a wonderful day with loved ones. x

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