Thanks for the Watch.

Khaleesi, you must rest and so must Drogon. I’ll let him ride me.

We stayed up to watch the last and final episode of Game of Thrones when it aired in the US. And I think we will rewatch it again tonight when it will be aired in the UK.

We hugged our dragons as we said goodbye to all the characters who have become a part of our vocabulary.

I am Khaleesi but I let Drogon ride me.

While George Aegon comforts Rhaegal – for getting shot down. 🙁

What did we like best about the whole series? The Dire Wolves and the dragons.

Mum also gave up all those godmother given names (six in total) and shortened my name to Darcy Khaleesi while George has always been the little guy with fight – so he became George Aegon.

May’s comment: Thanks for the Watch, HBO. It’s been an amazing series. Can’t believe it’s been eight seasons of incredible story-telling. But I felt dissatisfied at the end … not to be discussed on here in case of spoilers.


  1. Maria Wheeler

    Me too ! After 8 series we deserve better

  2. Sue Westhead

    Ha ha – Darcy doesn’t look too impressed! ??

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