The Brave-hearted

Happy Bank Holiday! Happy Carnival! Happy Rainy Day! True to her word, Mummy said we shall walk everyday come rain or shine. So today was a test. IMG_2201Donning my new Equafleece for the first time this year, I went on search for squirrels but none to be found. They must be taking shelter unlike us. IMG_2196 And hardly anyone in sight – do you think we were the only ones who thought this makes sense?IMG_2185 Ah, there are a few lumbering giants out there.IMG_2205 IMG_2204 Well at the end of the walk, I was one funny looking dog. I have a wet head and paws but totally dry body!IMG_2210So I rubbed my head dry on the carpet. IMG_2216 IMG_2219 Mays’ comment: There’s something lovely about walking in the rain. It’s refreshing – and wet!IMG_2192But one does need a proper rain coat! Realised while in the pouring rain that my rain coat wasn’t totally waterproof!


  1. Jocelyn conway

    U were not alone out there Lucca and I were the only ones in Highgate woods.
    Lucca did the same thing as Darcy and dried himself on the new carpet, only difference being he was a totally wet pup…and yes it was refreshing but very wet X

  2. Judith Vogel

    I love your photos and Darcy’s commentary. Sublime scenery, gorgeous colors, scene on one wet walk!

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