A doggone kitchen sink!

We had a perfectly fine kitchen … though it changed colours three times over the eight years!

This was how I first saw it …It was where I slept for the first couple of weeks. My rather large bed was by the radiator in front of the window.  Mummy even installed a baby-gate to keep me in there so I could do no harm.

And when I migrated from the kitchen to the bedroom, that space was where I had my meals.  I knew that kitchen well. And there was a counter where our treats were kept in a jar with Snoopy on the top.

Over the years, the colours of the wall changed … three times.

This was round TWO. Mummy added dark wooden Venetian blinds, painted the walls a taupe and the feature wall a duck blue. A couple of years later, she had it repainted a darker taupe and the feature wall became a deep aubergine. I don’t think we have any photos of that version.

Even then Mummy never felt quite right about it. She didn’t like the carcass, she didn’t like that the whole layout was not efficient. She needed more storage spaces.  So finally late last year, she decided she was going to CHANGE it again! This time – completely. It wasn’t going to be another choice of paint colour … it was going to be drastic!

OMG!!!!Well, it sure is different.It may not be everyone’s cup of tea,but for now, Mummy loves it. She got way MORE storage. She managed to squeeze in a tumble dryer – YAY! And, here’s the big feature! She managed to fit in a feeding drawer for us!!! Yes, there’s a secret drawer in the plinth of the kitchen where with the touch of a foot, a drawer emerges and voila! Our feeding bowls.

And we even have a whole dedicated drawer for our stuff …Pumpkin Puree cans, treats and everything that’s ours.

And Mummy did get a new fridge/freezer – the reason for her choosing this particular fridge is because it has a big Box – that can hold our monthly delivery of Honey’s Real Dog food. Previously we had to divide the delivery into two drawers.

Last but not least, Mummy made sure the kitchen sink is a whopping 70cm wide – so she can rinse off our muddy paws in there.  No more bending over a bathtub for aging Mummy. 🙂

Well, let’s say, it’s a very dog-considered kitchen! Thank you!

May’s comment:  I have always thought my kitchen was never designed efficiently and I’ve painted it three times in seven years. Colour is just paint and it can be changed. Finally I decided it is time to revamp the whole thing and to go BLACK and white!  And now I have a “big” kitchen for a London flat – we have maximised every square inch of it!

And it was a chance to do what I’ve always wanted – a feeding drawer to put away the dog bowls when not in use!  My builder went along with my crazy idea. In fact, he thought it was sweet. 🙂

I had to teach George, the scaredy cat to learn to eat from it. He eventually did. Funny ol’ boy. He can be so big in personality and then when it comes to objects he is so frightened of changes. Fact that they’re raised form the floor makes it better for their eating.

Once they’ve finished, I push the drawer back and no dog bowls in sight except for a water bowl on the side.

Loving my kitchen – wonder what colour I can paint it to go with all the black units?


  1. Rusty and Martine

    Love it !!!

  2. Ginny

    Wow! Love it.

  3. Danielle De Napoli

    Very, very nice – I liked it before as well but looks much more efficient now and you can never have enough storage space

  4. Gill Bolt

    It looks amazing xx

  5. Sarah Jones

    Love it ❤️

  6. Rita and Gracie

    I definitely have kitchen envy.😉

  7. Lisa

    Just love that feeding drawer!! Great idea.

  8. Liz Burman

    Wow very smart! I love the feeding drawer! Just looking to see where I can put one in the utility room😃

  9. Sam and Lola

    Looks fabulous May – but with your amazing designer’s eye, I’m not surprised xx

  10. Maree

    Love it whT a great idea for their feeding bowls so neat and tidy now to teach them to open and close the draw

  11. Janet

    Wow – looks incredibly chic but you managed to make it dog friendly too. Great achievement – beauty and utility combined!

  12. Cheryl

    Wow, it’s fabulous! Love the doggie feeding drawer and that huge sink!

  13. Margaret Danks

    Wow. It is amazing!

  14. Greg

    Looks fabulous!

  15. Alison Mullett

    Perfect; meets all your needs and looks marvellous and stylish!

  16. Lucca

    Just perfect X

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