The Last Day

Today we are STILL part of the European Union.

Mum took out our passports …

And we paused for a moment … hmmm. Now what are we going to do tomorrow after Brexit Day?

May’s comment: From tomorrow we are divorced. Breaking up is always hard to do – in this case because there will still be a lot of difficult negotiations.

Ever since we knew Brexit was on the horizon, many of us who travel abroad with our pets have asked our vets what are the implications. The answer is – no one knows. We took the titre blood tests as rabies seems to be the main concern. At our last vet visit abroad in Dusseldorf, I asked her if she was any more enlightened than out UK vets and her answer – We are none the wiser. But, you know, it is the same like humans. When we go to the UK, we are checked. When the British come over, we don’t check because we like them. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any concerns – this is one of the most thorough article on the matter – Everything You Need to know about Pet Travel Post Brexit.

We won’t be having a party tonight but we will commemorate the significance by watching the news – in bed. For tomorrow – nothing will really change. We go into a transition period – and our European Union / United Kingdom passports will still be valid.


  1. Cheryl

    All I can say is good luck!

  2. Sherri

    Just out of curiosity of a nosy American, aside from the implications for the traveling you all do, what do you as a British Citizen think of Brexit and no longer being part of the European Union? Please pardon me if that’s too nosy or personal but I really don’t know anyone else that’s British and living in small town Minnesota, USA — all we get is what our News tells us and the little bits and pieces we pick up on the Net! And from what I understand and hear it’s like most of the United Kingdom wants this! But I believe so little of what’s on the News a “real” persons opinion would be nice to hear! If you prefer not to answer, that’s okay as I do understand enough to know it’s a difficult subject! Thanks for not being offended by a nosy ole lady in the USA that loves to follow all your adventures with your furry sidekicks! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Annelie

    Sherri, Brexit should never have happened. Allowing the British public to vote on something that has such a wide impact on millions of people and businesses was stupid. How can someone that has no idea how import/export tariffs work, someone that has no idea of the amount of money that the EU invests in the UK, nor understands the other benefits that come as being part of the EU such as freedom of movement, ability for youngsters to study abroad, someone that has no idea of those implications be allowed to vote on something that is this important. I am devastated. I am ashamed of this country and how some of our politicians have behaved throughout the last 3 years.

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