The misleading Mistletoe

For the rest of the year, the mistletoe is a parasitic plant that latches on to trees and feeds off them.

Come Christmas it becomes a symbol of romance! Seriously? 

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 

Marcel is grinning and I’m grimacing! LOL! The usual then.

We were at the Doggy Style Market in Waterloo where Marcel was there for a meet and greet his many girlfriends when I came along to keep an eye on his wandering eye! LOL!

May’s comment: A running joke that Marcel and Darcy had a shotgun wedding one fine day when she had partied too much and lost her wits about her. Marcel continues his Frenchie charm and getting all the girls. He’s so popular he even has a calendar to remind every girl every day of the next year! 

So glad we went to the Doggy Style Market – a doggy Christmas market at the Leake Street Arches. Discovered another part of London that I’ve never been to.

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