The Cutest Spooky Doodle Meet!

Words can’t describe one of the best doodle meets we had this past Sunday!

After days and weeks of rain, Sunday was a beautiful day.

One by one they came – doodles dressed up for Halloween.

Teddy won the the Cutest Doodle in costume prize!!!!

And Kingston won the a prize too!

You can’t see his costume properly but he was a bat!

And there were lots of treats!

And even before the costumes came off …

And even those who did not dress up brought lots of smiles to hoomans!

It was truly chaotic and fun!

Video compiled by Belinda.

At the end – there were over 50 doodles who came dressed up in the best costumes. It had put so many smiles on people’s faces …

Happy Halloween every one! Thank you for participating and we look forward to a bigger gathering next year!

May’s comment: And after this photo – even more doodles came! This must be one of our largest meet to date!

It was so much fun – we had so many passers-by who stopped to check out what was going on.

Thank you everyone who participated and just made it such a fun meet!

The next meet-up will be on the 24th November – information about that meet will take place closer to the time.


  1. Nancy K

    What a great time!!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Super costumes! What a lot of fun!

  3. Judith Vogel

    How adorable!
    What great good cheer ….
    Thanks for sharing this fantastic event!

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