The Pet Spa at Harrods

Today is a special day.  As part of Mummy’s birthday treat for herself, I go to The Pet Spa at Harrods.  That way when she picks me up, I am all fluffy and fragrant – so we can have cuddles tonight!

IMG_0215 IMG_0221 IMG_0227 IMG_0232




We are washed in the back rooms but then brought out to the front room and set up on the grooming tables.  There’s a huge picture window so people can watch us being groomed.  All these excited faces staring at us.  They take photos of us while we’re get blown dry and trimmed.  Not very dignified but it seems to amuse the audience.  Sometimes I see a familiar face and get distracted which annoys the groomers.


Hey – is that you Mummy?


Buzz, buzz, buzz


OK – are you still taking photos of me?

At the end of all this – we get a treat and a special bow on our collar.  And I always know where the treats are!



Then we are again escorted down to the Ground Floor and exit at Gate 3.  But more often than not, we always do a little shopping at Pet Kingdom – always something from Mungo & Maud.

Mummy’s comments:  The Pet Spa services are thorough and carefully handled.  I like the fact that we check in our pets properly – they each have a file of all their grooming and whenever possible, they have the same groomers. At the beginning of each session, the owners give instructions on what they want done. All instructions are written down. I have never been disappointed or shocked by the outcome of Darcy’s sessions there – unlike other places I’ve been to. On top of all that, I can choose to wander around the various floors or have lunch at the Food Hall while Darcy is being groomed for about 2-3 hours depending on the condition of her hair.  It is by no means a bargain but I feel relaxed about having her there and knowing the outcome will be what I expect. Bringing Darcy to The Pet Spa at Harrods is not only proper grooming for her but also a treat for myself.

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